Credit: Fletcher Jones Motorcars 
Credit: Fletcher Jones Motorcars 

Looking to Sell or Trade Your Vehicle? Read This Expert Advice From Fletcher Jones Motorcars First

Service History, Factory Options, Model Type and Customization All Play a Big Role!

If you’re ready to trade or sell your luxury vehicle, look no further than the Nation’s #1 Mercedes-Benz Center, Fletcher Jones Motorcars. Recognized for their industry-leading expertise and unrivaled customer service, the Fletcher Jones Motorcars team has gracefully guided customers through the luxury car buying and selling experience for over 75 years. Luxury Market Expert Eric Rosenthal, who has sold thousands of Mercedes-Benz with Fletcher Jones, shares a few of the key factors they consider during an appraisal inspection and why now is the best time ever to sell or trade in your vehicle. How to Trade in My Car Newport Beach


1 | Service History

Service History
Credit: Fletcher Jones Motorcars

Your vehicle’s service history can provide tremendous insight when determining its worth. Has a Factory Authorized Fletcher Jones Service Center completed your maintenance? Have all of your services been documented, reflecting consistent care and a trouble-free history? “Only an Authorized Mercedes-Benz, Audi or Porsche Center has access to your comprehensive vehicle records, which should positively be accounted for when researching the value of a vehicle,” says Rosenthal.

How to Trade in My Car Newport Beach

2 | Model Type

Every vehicle has a story to tell. Do you have an AMG, GTS, or S Line? Do you have Diamond Stitched Nappa leather when 98% of the cars have Nappa Leather? Was your car custom ordered through Fletcher Jones? Is it a rare color or a limited edition model? Was your specific build configuration one of 30 sold on the entire West Coast? “Our in-house luxury market-focused buyers will be able to decode your vehicle’s story using the factory production records, internal service histories and specific, and targeted supply and demand trends,” says Rosenthal. How to Trade in My Car Newport Beach

Local Insight: With tightened new car supply and an increased demand for luxury vehicles, the appetite for quality pre-owned inventory continues to surge. Working with an industry-leading, high-volume center will help you quickly and accurately be able to evaluate your vehicle’s “real market” value.



3 | Customization

car key
Credit: Fletcher Jones Motorcars

Many Fletcher Jones customers add specialty wheels, aftermarket body kits, or proprietary performance kits to their cars. Having a comprehensive expertise and understanding of what these investments are worth will make the difference in a higher or lower valuation. “Mass market car-buying farms will not account for any of this, as vehicle personalization doesn’t fit within their limited-scope funnel,” remarks Rosenthal. “[At Fletcher Jones,] we know the value and difference between a Koni adjustable suspension, Bilstein [and] Vossen wheels [as well as ] Enkei, Brabus and Renntech.”

Local Insight: Fletcher Jones offers airport shuttles and parking plus complimentary services that include car washes, service loaners, sales pick-ups and deliveries as well as multi-point inspections.

How to Trade in My Car Newport Beach

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