Photography Provided By: Greater Palm Springs CVB
Photography Provided By: Greater Palm Springs CVB

How You Can Lower Your Carbon Footprint on Your Next Trip to the Desert

Your 101 Guide to Going Green in the City of La Quinta

Craving a desert escape but worried about your vacation’s impact on the environment? In the age of climate anxiety, you may want to keep your escape as eco-friendly as possible. One way to keep tabs on your excursion’s emissions is through your “carbon footprint,” which is the total number of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide or methane, our actions generate. According to The Nature Conservancy, the average carbon footprint for Americans is 16 tons— four times that of most other nations. Among the biggest emitters are gasoline cars, meat-heavy diets and air travel. Here’s how to escape to the desert while keeping your carbon footprint in mind. Lower Your Carbon Footprint

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Ditch the Gas Guzzler and Go Electric Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Why? You don’t have to sacrifice luxury for an electric car.

The Karma Revero GT is a top pick for automobile aficionados who want the look, feel and speed of a conventional sports car but without ballooning carbon emissions.

The Karma Revero GT is a top pick for automobile aficionados who want the look, feel and speed of a conventional sports car but without ballooning carbon emissions. Not only does it run on an electric battery, it also offers a sleek interior made with smooth reclaimed wood. Consider this your go-to vehicle for zipping around La Quinta. 

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Swap Out Disposable Plastic Bottles for a Trusty Reusable One

Why? Plastic is really bad. Enough said.

Not only does it choke sea life and contribute to the horrifyingly massive Great Pacific Garbage Patch, plastic is a fossil fuel itself. Plus, manufacturing plastic takes a ton of energy, releasing carbon and other gases in the process. You know what’s hipper, more convenient and will last longer? A reusable bottle!


Learn A Little Bit About Alternative Energy

Why? Our future could depend on it.

You can’t miss the expansive wind farm just outside of Greater Palm Springs. The San Gorgonio Pass wind farm is one of three of its kind in California and contains 2,100 snow-white turbines lining Interstate 10. Did you know that the biggest turbines can generate enough power to run more than 1,500 homes? For now, the turbines are mostly used to stabilize the power grid in times of high demand, such as during heat waves.


Go Vegan for the Weekend Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Why? Animal products come with a big carbon footprint. 

Not only should you eat your greens, but it turns out that a plant-based diet is greener too.

Not only should you eat your greens, but it turns out that a plant-based diet is greener too. Try eliminating animal products during your weekend in La Quinta. Cork and Fork, a restaurant specializing in small plates, is a great place to start. Their vegan menu features a variety of tasty dishes like veggie-loaded tacos and pizza made with tofu cheese!


Don’t Forget to Pack Your Hiking Boots

Why? A low-cost, low-carbon way to experience the desert.

La Quinta hugs the foothills of the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains, making it a prime spot to hike and explore. Trails wind through the rugged desert landscape, dip into dry riverbeds and climb in elevation to offer spectacular views of Greater Palm Springs. It can get toasty in La Quinta and the surrounding region, so make sure to bring your reusable water bottle and a hat.


Stay at La Quinta Resort and Club Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Why? This resort is committed to lowering its carbon footprint.

Seeking a place to stay that is as environmentally conscious as you are? Consider La Quinta Resort and Club, which takes sustainability seriously. For instance, the resort’s several dining options prioritize local and organic food options and have an ambitious composting program. Furthermore, the resort has made an effort to reduce plastic and Styrofoam usage and conserve water. That’s something we can get behind.


Ready to Chow Down? Lower Your Carbon Footprint

La Quinta Resort and Spa’s Adobe Grill has a variety of vegan and vegetarian options on the menu, including gazpacho, roasted cauliflower and flavorful salads.


Wind Power Is Nothing New

Modern wind turbines are newer, but people have been harnessing the power of the wind for thousands of years. For instance, ancient Egyptians used wind-powered boats to travel along the Nile River.


Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

You can find out your personal carbon footprint—and ways to reduce it—at The Nation Conservancy or through the US Environmental Protection Agency.

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