Hunt Down Unicorns and Feed Kanye’s Cat With New Metaverse App

Move Over Pokémon Go, There’s a New App in Town

Written By: Matthew Burke Metaverse

The interactive experience of Metaverse gets you off the couch and into the streets—on a quest for rolled tacos and surf rentals?

Similar to Pokémon Go, Metaverse takes you on an adventure with GPS through a virtual map to scout out icons that can be found throughout your neighborhood.

Although, instead of tracking down Pikachus and Charizards, the App has you doing silly things such as helping Kanye West feed his cat. Upon reaching his icon, he tells you to go find Taylor Swift who ends up having cat food for you. Once you have the kitty chow, you then return it to Kanye. Doing so earns you a ‘Metacoin,’ which gets you points to “level up.”

Another icon was the Statue of Liberty who had a riddle: What type of shoes does the Statue of Liberty wear? Sandals, duh! With a correct answer, she gives you a coupon to a certain business—which ended up being three rolled tacos from Jose’s Tacos in Vista.

However, Saturday’s prizes promised to be more lucrative. Metaverse partnered up with over 250 local San Diego business’ for a virtual scavenger hunt with over 3,000 prizes, called Hidden Cash San Diego. The quest began at 10 a.m. and had you on the look-out for items such as plutonium, a rocket engine, and a circuit board. Once you had collected all the items throughout the city, you were to find “Doc” (from Back to the Future) and deliver the goods to him.

If running around town trying to find rockets and catnip doesn’t grasp your interest, Metaverse has a quest to reach San Diego landmarks. The adventure includes places such as Balboa Park, the Point Loma Lighthouse, and less-known local spots such as the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge. Each landmark earns you one ‘Metacoin.’

The App itself can be glitchy at times and it tends to lure you down dark alleyways. Causing you to sometimes wonder, ‘Am I going to get murdered trying to find this mystical unicorn?’ Yet, the interactive play of wild goose chases becomes addicting and is an excuse to get out of the house and explore new areas in your neighborhood that you otherwise wouldn’t see.

Feed Kanye’s Cat in Virtual Reality to Earn Real Money and Prizes!

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