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The Sweet Creations at iDesserts Provide the Perfect Sugar Rush

Written By: Nicole Fera iDessert

Over the years we have seen and tasted a lot of tantalizing treats in the world of desserts, but nothing like what iDessert and Chef Jean-Philippe Maury have brought to San Diego. The innovative desserts bring together all kinds of textures, flavors and ingredients that can be arranged and paired together in whatever way our hearts desire. Simply sit down at one of the iPad stations, choose what looks good to you, and in mere moments you will have the dessert of your dreams handcrafted just for you. Don’t worry though, if your creativity is a bit dry that day you can always order up one of Chef Maury’s favorites—he won’t steer you wrong.

These creations include customized desserts that are all made with the freshest ingredients and dreamed up by you. Here’s how it works: first, you will choose from a number of different crusts such as chocolate, coffee, M&M’s, Oreo cookies, or pistachios. Then your gelato flavor must be selected—may we suggest sweet yet pleasantly tart raspberry? After gelato is the cream, which comes in vanilla, strawberry and other fan favorites. Next, you will need to choose your cake flavor. Cake flavors come in vanilla, chocolate, lemon, and banana. Lastly, you can load up on all the sauce, fruit, and crunch that your heart desires and get it all served up in one of their Vegas Bowls.

iDessert also offers completely customizable sundaes and milkshakes. For the sundae, you can select up to two gelato flavors, a sauce, fresh fruits, some crunch, and whipped cream. For the milkshake, you can choose from one of the eight gelato/sorbet flavors, add some crunch, and finished it all off with whipped cream. Whatever sweet treat you fancy, iDessert will make all of your dessert dreams come true.

Chef Jean-Philippe Maury’s Favorite Dessert Bowls

  1. Fruity: Raspberry crust, strawberry sorbet, vanilla cream, vanilla cake, berry sauce, and warm berry compote.
  2. Intense: Oreo crust, Chocolate gelato, coffee cream, chocolate cake, vanilla sauce.
  3. Exotic: Vanilla crust, exotic sorbet, vanilla cream, banana cake, exotic sauce, warm exotic fruit, and white chocolate pearls.
  4. Cozy: Chocolate crust, mocha gelato, vanilla cream, vanilla cake, caramel sauce, and caramelized hazelnut.
  5. Rock ‘n’ Roll: Strawberry crust, pistachio gelato, strawberry cream, lemon cake, berry sauce, and blueberry compote.

Native Knowledge

  1. There are a lot of Dairy Free options at iDessert, so you can build your very own bowl without the worry by using ingredients such as dairy free cream and delicious berry compote. Something special for everyone!
  1. If you are temporarily insane for the day and not in the mood for one of these dessert creations, you can also order up a customized milkshake or sundae. The options here are endless!

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