11 Reasons Why Tom Cruise Has This Anti-Aging ‘Time Machine’ and You Should Too

Immortality OC is Challenges the Aging Process With This Device

Written By: Jordan Ligons
Photography Provided By: Immortality OC NovoTHOR red light pod

Immortality OC is shaking up the wellness scene. Your eyes may trick you into thinking this is a tanning bed, but it’s more like a time machine! I mean, Tom Cruise has two of them, which for sure answers how he seems to be aging in reverse by the sixth Mission Impossible film.

With products overflowing your feeds with empty promises, the NovoTHOR red light pod aims to make you feel and look amazing from the inside out! No “magic pill” or gimmicks here; this is a drug-free option, which means no side effects (yay!). Read on to learn about the unique and important benefits Immortality OC offers locals—like you—to change how you go about wellness.

NovoTHOR red light pod

Say, “Bye!” to Wrinkles

Immortality offers CooLifting facials and technology that helps reduce wrinkles over time, even offering fine line lifting. It leaves your skin luminous and radiant, plus it increases hydration—get ready to turn back the clock! Packages start from $159.

NovoTHOR red light pod

You’ll Be an Energizer Bunny

By using this machine, you will increase your ATP (cellular energy). The visible and near-infrared light reduces pain, inflammation and edema. This almost 40-year-old secret has proven to create photochemical effects (think photosynthesis in plants). Trust us, you’ll feel re-energized and ready to take on the day ahead.

NovoTHOR red light pod

Heal Those Wounds in No Time

This challenges the question, “Who says you can’t buy time?” NovoTHOR is a whole-body system of PBM Therapy, also known Low Light Therapy, more simply put, red and near-infrared light that will create optimal wavelengths to produce real results. Packages start from $75 for one 10-20 minute session.

NovoTHOR red light pod

Kiss Those Bruises Goodbye

Let NovoTHOR heal your body “with the speed of light.” The Light Pod is the most powerful light bed in the world, according to Immortality. It provides the correct color light and power to reduce your body’s oxidative stress.

Prepare to be Stronger

After Immortality’s NovoTHOR six-session Gold Package, you’ll be flexing on Instagram in no time. Make sure to check out their Facebook for deals, encouragement and the inside scoop.


It Will Increase Your Stamina

Come to this rejuvenation center—no matter your age—to feel like your best self again. Top athletes use NovoTHOR, so why can’t you? Follow Immortality OC on Instagram for a look into how you can ultimately upgrade your wellness level with this technology.


And It’ll Increase Blood Flow

BEMER, which is another service Immortality offers, claims that it can improve your life in eight minutes. Sounds like a plan, right? The machine restores the natural blood flow to improve oxygenation and nutrient absorption, allowing the body to heal naturally.


Leg Day? No Problem!

By purchasing sessions with Immortality OC, you’ll feel less soreness after exercise. Their VIP Package comes with 10 NovoTHOR sessions (10-20 minutes each) so you can forget about pain and tiredness, and feel a full-body reboot after each session.


Get Ready to Recover Faster

Don’t let the pain slow you down anymore! Get back out there faster than ever before. Utilize the expertise of on-site professionals to answer all your questions to get back to training like you’ve never skipped a beat.


Bounce Back Quicker

NovoTHOR promotes regeneration after injury, too! Still not convinced? See what other Orange County locals are saying about how this “time machine” has changed their life through their Yelp reviews!


No New Flames

The power of the red light technology also helps to reduce inflammation! On Immortality’s YouTube channel, go behind the scenes and watch the light pod in action, then book an appointment to try out the services yourself!

Immortality OC
1601 Dove St, Ste 245
Newport Beach, CA 92660

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