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The Irvine Improv and Umami Burger Have Partnered to Bring the Best Entertainment & Food to Customers.

Written By: Jeff Cooper Irvine Improv & Umami Make a Beautiful Pair
Photographed By: Holly Schisler

Expert: Justin Schuvie Irvine Improv & Umami Make a Beautiful Pair
Credentials: Marketing and Public Relations Manager, Irvine Improv

Less than a year ago, a new partnership was formed at the Irvine Spectrum. Umami Burger and the Irvine Improv joined forces to provide live entertainment, great food and a great atmosphere. Umami Burger is focused on providing customers with the perfect food experience, offering gourmet burgers, sandwiches, salads and sides alongside craft beers and cocktails. Umami at the Irvine Spectrum has become the official restaurant partner to the Irvine Improv, which means you can enjoy your food while watching great shows. Bringing these two venues together makes perfect sense. The Irvine Improv offers shows and performances that will keep you laughing until late in the night, and offers family friendly entertainment, as well as bottle service for those who didn’t bring along their kids! The outside patio has a performance stage, where you can catch live music, improv or standup comedy while enjoying Umami Burger happy hour on a warm Orange County night! Justin Schuvie, the Marketing and Public Relations Manager for the Irvine Improv, tells us more about the offerings at these two OC venues.

Q: Describe Umami Burger.
Justin Schuvie: The brand is based on “the perfect bite, ” all senses and sensations coming together in the restaurant, with customers seeing, smelling and tasting a great burger.

Q: What is the meaning of “umami?”
JS: Umami is “the sixth sense, ” the perfect union of all senses coming together (sweet, sour, bitter, savory). It’s umami—it’s perfect.

Q: How did the Irvine Improv and Umami Burger come together?

JS: When we conceptualized our move a few years ago, we wanted to partner with an up-and-coming brand. At the time, Umami was expanding and we realized it was a perfect partnership. We had seen their success and heard such great things. We wanted to improve our experience not only with entertainment, but with food as well, when we made our move. Umami gave us the opportunity to provide great food, ambiance and experience. We opened last July with Umami and created live patio entertainment that has helped complement the Improv’s great experience.

Q: What audience does your brand most appeal to? What is your main group of customers?
JS: Umami attracts all types of customers. It’s very family friendly, but also offers great entertainment and experience for people in their 20s-50s. There’s live music Thursday, Friday and Saturday night and late night happy hours with competitive pricing. We offer not only great food, but also an experience that appeals to a wide audience. Umami gives Improv customers the chance to gather, have food, and get in the mood for great comedy, or stop by and hang out after a show, and continue to enjoy their evening.

Q: What is your favorite burger?
JS: The K BBQ burger, a Korean BBQ burger, is my current favorite!

Q: What events or food specials do you want to share with our readers?
JS: Umami always creates new themed burgers partnered with charities, celebrities or other entertainers. We recently had a partnership with Mindy Kaling and the brand partnered to create the Mindy burger, which supported her charity. Those are some of my favorites. Signature burgers are always offered. We have open-mic nights on Wednesdays on the patio stage, and on Thursdays we do live band karaoke with a band called Casual Encounters starting at 9:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday nights we offer great live entertainment along with our great late night happy hour specials.

Q: What sides, beers or drinks can I pair with my burger?
JS: We offer craft beers, drinks and a fantastic ambiance. With these two venues, we can combine great entertainment with great food and service. Umami creates the food and vision, our Throwback, Manly and Sunnyside Burgers are our most popular; our maple bacon sweet potato fries are fantastic, or our well-known thin fries covered in Umami signature truffle cheese are rich and tasty! One of our most popular items for the ladies are our Ahi Tuna Burger and truffle beet salad—we are health conscious also! We offer a secret menu, but I can’t tell you what they are! We often sell out of items off of our secret offerings.

Q: When is happy hour?
JS: Nightly starting at 9 p.m., looking at cheap draft beers, half off on some of our appetizers and live entertainment.

Irvine Improv
31 Spectrum Center Dr
Irvine, CA 92618
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