This Food Delivery Company Is Good for Foodies, Restaurants and the Environment

Chef’d, Sealed, Delivered! In Good Company Makes Meal Prep a Breeze

It’s easy to have a love-hate relationship with food delivery. The pros: you get to support your favorite eateries, stimulate the local economy and skip the messy kitchen. The cons: food-delivery services take costs from restaurants, your order may not travel well and you’re left with heaps of single-use packaging. In Good Company Food

In 2020, Ashleigh Ferran thought that there had to be a better way. Ferran’s background is in sustainability, and pre-COVID, she began Keko Box, a company that provides sustainable packaging for venues that would cater to large crowds. The pandemic, of course, threw a wrench in Keko Box’s plans to launch, but it inspired Ferran to find new ways to make food delivery even better.

“Why are there not more ways to support the places I love?”—Ashleigh Ferran In Good Company Food

“I was really wanting to support local restaurants, but I was feeling guilty because having one meal with my husband left eight pieces of packaging,” Ferran explains. She also lived outside the delivery radius of eateries she wanted to order from. But then she was inspired by a restaurant that was selling frozen dumplings. Ferran thought, “Why are there not more ways to support the places I love?” And from that question, In Good Company was born.

In Good Company is a new kind of food delivery service in Los Angeles and San Diego that partners up with local restaurants to bring chef-quality food to your door. The food is frozen and delivered in reusable metal packaging, and when you’re ready, just heat up the food in the oven, make a few sides and pour a beverage to complete the meal. Once you enjoy your food, return the packaging—it’s that simple! Not only will your food be beautifully prepared every time, but you’ll be helping your community and Mother Nature in the process. 

Sustainability is something that In Good Company is pioneering in the food delivery industry, and Ferran hopes it sparks a shift in culture and thinking. “Choosing reusability is a value-add,” she says. “You don’t have to give something up for more sustainability—we can give you more.”

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In Good Company helps eateries explore new profit opportunities, benefits the planet with its reusable packaging and provides customers with high-quality entrees from restaurants near and far. Win, win, win! Ferran says, “If I can build a company that does some good for local business, the community and the economy while sparking joy…and doing it in a way that’s not destructive to the planet, that’s success.”

“I’ve been so lucky to have amazing chefs and restaurant partners who are excited to try something new,” Ferran says. “And it’s really cool to see different people resonate with the idea for different reasons… It’s really unifying!”

In Good Company
San Diego, Los Angeles

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