Indigo Swimwear Saving the Planet With One Eco-Friendly Swimsuit at a Time

How Indigo Swimwear’s Eco-Friendly Bikinis Keep Waste at Bay

Written By: Mayandra Robbins
Photographed By: Michael Wesley Eco Friendly Swimwear

Philippa Brenninkmeyer, CEO and Founder of Indigo Swimwear, just knew that she was meant to create something to change the world. “I grew up in the fashion industry, and I’ve seen the waste within it,” said Philippa. “Because of that, I knew I wanted to make a brand that reduced the waste and create a brand with a purpose.” After traveling to several different countries, Philippa discovered her fashionably eco-friendly direction in Australia. Eco Friendly Swimwear

While in Australia, Philippa had the opportunity to stay in the environmentally-conscious community of Byron Bay. There, she not only learned more about the oceanic cleanup effort but also zoned in on how she could make an impact and further assist with restoring the beauty of the oceans around us. Thus Philippa decided to create a “swimwear [line] with a purpose.” 

Philippa spent months trying to find the perfect fabric for her swimwear until she found ECONYL® yarn. While using ECONYL® yarn, made from repurposed fishing nets and ocean waste, Indigo Swimwear creates stunning pieces so you can strut your stuff at the beach or pool while contributing to worldwide ocean cleanup efforts. This material takes items that pollute the oceans and recreates it into something that can be used once again. 

Indigo Swimwear not only helps with the oceanic cleanup effort, but it also gives back to the communities Philippa drew inspiration from. While in Bali, she was “introduced to the R.O.L.E Foundation,” a charity group and future partner of Indigo Swimwear that helps with cleaning ocean waste as well as teaches local children and their communities how to sustain an eco-friendly environment in their community. Through a partnership, the R.O.L.E Foundation, Indigo Swimwear not only partners with them to further educate Bali beach communities but also contributes to their  ‘Zero Waste to Oceans’ initiative by giving a percentage of all pieces sold to the Surfrider Foundation’s San Diegan cleanup efforts.  Eco Friendly Swimwear

Although Indigo Swimwear assists in helping reduce oceanic waste, it is a phenomenal product that has the perfect fit for all body types! Women can look and feel confident and beautiful in their new bikini while knowing that their swimwear is environmentally sound. According to Philippa, this initiative is fueling the future of the brand. Indigo Swimwear is in the works to expand its line to both children and men, further proving that, no matter what, Indigo Swimwear has something for everyone.

An Indigo Swimwear woman embodies “confidence. She is a woman who embraces her body and knows that she is beautiful and sexy.” And with confidence, Indigo Swimwear also helps exude the fun, flirty and adventurous while catering to the global awareness initiative that inspired its creation. 

Indigo Swimwear Eco Friendly Swimwear

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