Indulge in These Classic-With-a-Twist Mexican Dishes at Costa Mesa’s Descanso

¡Vamos a Brunch!

There is no better way to conclude the weekend than with brunch. Descanso, translating to “to rest” in Spanish, brings relaxing vibes and muy bueno comida. The owner and concept creator, Rob Arellano, has created an atmosphere that pays homage to Mexican culture while immersed in contemporary style and taste—an atmosphere so alluring that Chef Alfonso “Fonzy” De Zuniga just had to take part. In keeping with the theme of tradition juxtaposed with modern flair, these two menu items are a must-try during your next brunch outing. Costa Mesa Mexican Food


Chilaquiles Costa Mesa Mexican Food

A tasty Mexican comfort food staple, the chilaquiles are at their simplest, a fried tortilla loaded with chicken cooked in salsa and sprinkled with cheese. Adding a Descanso twist to this classic recipe, Chef De Zuniga amasses the dish with more savory ingredients, sautéeing and then coating the tortilla chips in salsa. “The sauce is what makes the chilaquiles!” he explains.

Chilaquiles Ingredients:
-Tortilla Chips
-Scrambled Eggs
-Salsa Verde
-Cotija Cheese
-Toreado Salsa
-Shaved Onion
-Serrano Pepper
-Sour Cream
-Chicken, Steak or Carnitas

Local Insight: Authentic flavor is an important component to Descanso’s unique menu, which is why dairy and meat products are not added to the sauces. “Not even chicken stock, making most options vegan-friendly,” adds Chef De Zuniga.

Choriqueso Con Huevos

The title simply doesn’t do this dish justice. Eggs (huevos) scrambled in cheese (queso) is the basic way to make this appetizing treat, but as a reminder, Descanso is not basic. Striving to not be like everyone else, Chef De Zuniga explains, “It’s not your typical choriqueso con huevos. We do certain things but add our own touch.” 

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Choriqueso Con Huevos Ingredients:
-Green Chorizo
-Two Fried Eggs
-Poblano Suiza
-Tres Quesos
-Toreado Salsa
-Spring Onion
-Serrano Chiles
-Flour Tortillas

Local Insight: Pair your Choriqueso Con Huevos with a Bloody Maria made with Cazadores Blanco Tequila, house bloody mary mix, lemon, salt and pepper and jalapeño bacon.


1555 Adams Ave, Ste 103
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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