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Pacific Beach has a Perfect Destination for Hanging with Friends and Enjoying Tasty Food

Written By: Nicole Fera & Nick Cimarusti Inside Bayside Landing
Photographed By: Arielle Levy

Bayside Landing is a restaurant and bar in Pacific Beach that has been open since November 2014. This place embodies the San Diego/PB spirit with its open-air atmosphere, laidback vibe and tons of local brews on tap. Executive Chef Shawn Corliss puts together a killer brunch and dinner menu featuring decadent macaroni and cheese, fresh roasted beet salad and unique pizza creations. Also, make sure to try out some of the different burgers like their ½ lb Goober, made with peanut butter, strawberry jelly and bacon—deliciously messy. Pair that with one of the local brews and you’ve got the recipe for a perfect day on Ingraham.

We were lucky enough to sit down with Paul Fatta, who co-owns Bayside Landing with Hoffman Leung, to get an inside look into Bayside Landing. You’ll be heading to this Crown Point local favorite by the time you’re done reading.

Q: How did you and Hoffman meet?

Paul Fatta: We actually met in line at a coffee shop. We both have been in the restaurant industry for years and we started up a conversation about our others locations and hit it off from there.

Q: At what moment did you and Hoffman decide to open a restaurant?

PF: We had discussed doing something new in the neighbor at my current location. I had owned Big Kahuna’s Restaurant for 13 years at the current location and I was ready to start something new and exciting. We both came up with all the ideas in just a couple of months and did the renovations in under five weeks. We have been a success ever since the doors opened.

Q: Did you guys decide to name Bayside Landing after the Saved by the Bell high school?

PF: We did not, it was a coincidence.We wanted to bring a name that the community could rally under and since the location is surrounded by two bays.

Q: So what’s the story behind both bathrooms’ wall art?

PF: We didn’t want to have your run-of-the-mill bathrooms so we picked our favorite ’90s TV shows.

Q: What’s been the most challenging aspect of establishing Bayside Landing?

PF: Reconnecting with the neighborhood; we had to kill a brand and reintroduce a new one.

Q: What makes Bayside Landing different from others places in PB and SD?

PF: Our spot is not your typical party bar. Bayside is a place you can come to with friends or family and enjoy some good food and music.

Q: What did you hope to accomplish when you opened?

PF: We were hoping to capture the neighborhood. We didn’t want to take away from the other businesses around us; instead we wanted to add the community.

Q: How did you come up with the menu?

PF: We wanted to bring something to the community that everyone could enjoy.

Q: Which beers and dishes are the most popular?

PF: Sculpin, Green Flash Soul Style and Cali Creamin ale are our most popular beers by far. People love our Brussels sprouts, coconut shrimp and mac ‘n’ cheese with gruyère   for appetizers. We have amazing burgers and we make all of our bread fresh daily. Our grilled pizzas are tasty. Try the Mac N Cheese Pizza or the Kalua Pork Pizza. I like to add sweet potato fries to the Kalua Pork Pizza, it’s awesome.

Q: What are your favorite beers served at Bayside?

PF: Can’t go wrong with a beer from Thorn Street Brewery. Right now we have the Smuggler’s Agave Amber Ale.

Q: What are some specials you offer?

PF: We offer $1 wing nights on Mondays and Thursdays, Build Your Own Pizza Tuesdays and Beer for $10. There’s Trivia on Wednesday nights with $5 Sculpins, Early Bird Mimosa Special for 99 cents on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 -10 a.m. and half off the menu on Sundays starting at 8 p.m. We definitely have a lot going on throughout the week!

Q: What’s a typical Art Happy Hour like at Bayside Landing?

PF: It’s a great date or group thing.  Beer, food and art—you can’t go wrong.

Q: Which of your themed nights are the most popular?

PF: Trivia on Wednesday nights, 7 p.m.-10 p.m., with $5 sculpins. It’s free to play and 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners receive gift cards.

Q: What is something you want people to know about Bayside Landing?

PF: Don’t forget to bring your furry friends! We have a canine menu available and patio seating.

Q: What’s up next for Bayside? Any new projects?

PF: Maybe? That’s a secret …  Keep your eyes open.

Bayside Landing
3780 Ingraham St
San Diego, CA 92109

B E A C H /// Life. Enjoy the Comfortable Surroundings of Bayside Landing in Pacific Beach.