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Enjoy a Latte that Tastes as Good as it Looks

Written By: Randa Akeel Instagram-Worthy Latte Art Across the Golden State

Your favorite morning pick-me-up is now served with an artsy twist. We compiled the top places in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and San Francisco that add a little something extra to your freshly brewed latte. Satisfy your caffeine fix by experiencing lattes that are not only highly social media worthy, they will also keep your taste buds happy. These cafes and restaurants have mastered the art of pouring beautiful artwork all with a delicious taste.


Coral Tree Cafe

Get a feel for LA with a trip to Coral Tree Cafe. The establishment serves organic, fair trade drinks that taste good and benefit the global economy. Escape to latte heaven by enjoying their banana latte: a delicious combination of espresso, banana syrup and steamed milk. Also, the caramel latte, consisting of espresso, house made vanilla, caramel and steamed milk, is a sweet treat. In the mood for even more unique coffee delights? Try their signature Latin latte made of espresso, condensed milk and steamed milk.

11645 San Vicente Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90049


Primo Passo Coffee

Make Primo Passo Coffee your new favorite neighborhood artisanal coffee shop. Their delicious artisanal coffee is whipped with organic milk from Straus Family Creamery into delicate designs resembling hearts and leaves. Indulge in an exceptionally sweet and creamy chai latte made with almond milk, or try their other sweet latte flavors such as caramel and mocha. Why not pair it with one of their delicious pastries or macaroons? After all, you deserve it!

702 Montana Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90403


Bourbon Street Cafe

Experience the coffee with a heartfelt, jazzy twist. Bourbon Street Cafe brews their coffee following five different methods: extracting espresso, pour over/manual drip coffee, french press/full immersion coffee, siphoned coffee and cold brew coffee. They have a wide variety of latte favorites like mocha, vanilla and hazelnut. A must-try is the caramel latte, consisting of of the perfect combination of Ghirardelli caramel, milk and espresso. You can also add an extra double shot of espresso to any of these.

Native Knowledge: Bourbon Street Cafe also sells Intelligentsia Coffee.

698 S Vermont Ave Ste 103
Los Angeles, CA 90005



Not only is Intelligentsia a coffee bean distributor, they also have coffee bars where you can expect to find this remarkably tasty coffee in all of its forms. From whole bean to espresso, Intelligentsia specializes in creating unique cups of coffee made for each customer’s taste. Roasting beans in specialized, time-tested machinery, Intelligentsia has a focus on small-batch coffee-making. If you think about coffee the same way you think about wine, then this coffee shop will be latte heaven on earth.

3922 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90029


Portola Coffee Lab

Enjoy a cup of a creamy latte with the perfect hint of sweetness in every sip. With their wide assortment of cold brew coffees along with complex and bold-flavored lattes, Portola offers a coffee experience like no other. In addition to a full menu of specialty coffee drinks, they also offer breakfast and light lunch fare. Enjoy a cup in their beautifully designed shop or in the common area, which is surrounded by South Coast Collection’s variety of artisan retail shops.

3313 Hyland Ave Ste B2
Costa Mesa, CA 92626


Kéan Coffee

Calling all latte lovers! Kéan Coffee is a favorite among pretty much everyone living in Newport Beach. The warm atmosphere and friendly baristas will make you ditch Starbucks for good. Anything you order will have your phone drinking it first. So invite a friend for a cup of brew, snap a picture and enjoy.

2043 Westcliff Dr Ste 100
Newport Beach, CA 92660


Dynamo Donut + Coffee

Dynamo Donut + Coffee is a latte lovers coffee shop located in San Francisco. Not only does this shop serve the freshest brewed coffee around, it also showcases a variety of delicious donuts to pair your brew with! After all, donuts are a cup of coffee’s best friend! Try any of their delicious lattes with their most popular donut — the vanilla bean donut — while taking a stroll down the unique streets of SF before a day of sightseeing.

2760 24th St
San Francisco, CA 94110


Coffee & Art

Located in the Gaslamp District, this coffee shop will re-energize you after a fun weekend with friends. Their chai latte with soy and a shot (or two) of espresso will satisfy your need for caffeine as well as your addiction to latte art! Here, foam gets a swift, layered look thanks to the talented baristas. Not to mention this coffee shop holds get shows that are filled with painted art you will appreciate and can purchase as well!

777 6th Ave Ste 105
San Diego, CA 92101


Piccino Coffee Bar

If you’re in the city of SF, be sure to visit this hidden gem. Located in the scenic Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco, this cafe is serving up beautiful lattes and delicious gourmet meals and pastries. Take a load off and unwind in their outdoor area while soaking in the quaint, yet elegant, atmosphere. With art students, neighborhood locals and business folk gathering in one spot, Piccino is a hit among a diverse group of people.

1001 Minnesota St
San Francisco, CA 94107


Caffe Calabria

Coffee, pizza and fabulous latte art? We’re in! Caffe Calabria’s exceptional coffee is only highlighted by their delicious and authentic Italian offerings. Caffe Calabria’s lattes will be on your mind the next time you’re in the beautiful city of San Diego. Be sure to indulge by enjoying their Coppa Caffe, a perfect combination of vanilla gelato, espresso, Nutella, coffee beans and whipped cream.

3933 30th St
San Diego, CA 92104

W E /// Can’t Believe Baristas Can Create Such Designs on a Latte.

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