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Interior Designer Nate Berkus, Escape to Vegas and Our Favorite Local Meals

We’re thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Interior Designer Nate Berkus for this cover shoot on such a lovely summer California day. A’maree’s in Newport Beach was the perfect spot to shoot Nate with the clean design and large floor-to-ceiling windows to let the light in. 

Nate brought his wardrobe with him to style this entire shoot. So, you’ll really see his true relaxed personality and style shine through these photos—especially relaxed because he was shopping through various A’maree’s knick knacks in between looks. Interior Designer Nate Berkus

Natasha Lee had a blast shooting Nate. “My vision for the shoot was a casual California aesthetic that reflects Nate’s roots in Orange County. A polished but effortless vibe, as if spending an afternoon getting to know Nate at home, ” Natasha says. “In addition to the portrait shots, my goal was also to capture less guarded moments as Nate is talking off camera, or laughing and smiling—letting his charming and genteel personality shine through.” Interior Designer Nate Berkus

To capture this, Natasha used a Hensel Integra with a beauty dish at the lowest setting for a subtle pop of light in the dressing room setup, a Westcott Photo reflector to bounce fill on the outdoor shots, and a Canon 5D Mark III with 24-70 2.8 version 2. Interior Designer Nate Berkus

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