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Behind the Scenes of One San Diego’s Most Innovative Construction Agencies

Written By: Tyler Holland Jaime Partners

Stores, restaurants, government buildings, all serve their own purpose but there is one thing that ties them all together. Whether you immediately realize it or not, every building’s architecture is carefully thought out in order to bring the owner’s vision to life and make all who enter feel welcome. Rodolfo Farber and Alfredo Jaime, Co-founders of Jaime Partners, realizes the importance of construction and has devoted his life towards creating beautiful spaces. This devotion and attention to detail has helped Jaime Partners become one of San Diego’s leading construction and building community, receiving several awards and magazine features.

Q: Out of all the awards you have received, is there one that stands out that has a special significance to you?

Alfredo Jaime: I was honored to be named Entrepreneur of the Year by San Diego Magazine’s Latino Impact Awards. To be named among the most distinguished Latino leaders who are making a difference in our community is priceless.

Q: What peaked your interest in architecture and design and made you decide to get involved in the construction business?

Rodolfo Farber: The possibility of creating something that is tangible within the community.

Q: Would you say you have a signature style or an element you favor over other architectural designs?

RF: Our signature style is to deliver high quality construction projects! As for a visual element that can be seen in all our projects—there is none, because our mission is to bring our client’s vision to reality, so every space is unique. We ensure that their image and purpose is clearly represented in their space and we make that happen—every time—on time, on budget and with customer satisfaction exceeded!

Q: I see you have worked on a variety of spaces from government to hospitality. Is there a particular area that you’d call your specialty?

RF: Commercial construction is our specialty. Our expertise has positioned us to take on various scales of commercial projects that include tenant improvements, startup offices, restaurants, retail, duty-free spaces, multi-family developments and industrial spaces.

Q: Do you have any upcoming or recently finished projects?

RF: We are currently working on a few projects which we are excited about, some of which are:

Ariel Towers: We recently erected the scaffolding at Ariel Towers, a luxury apartment high-rise located in Little Italy. We are working on the addition of a roof enclosure and patio. The project will maintain the original façade of the building by making the new steel enclosure look like concrete.

MAC Cosmetics: We are working with our client, Duty Free Partners, again on the design build of a MAC Cosmetics store at the San Diego International Airport. This project has a lot of moving pieces and we are excited to be working with designers from L’Oreal headquarters in Miami and Barcelona, as well as the concessions department of the airport.

Reform Yoga: We have begun the design build construction process for Reform Yoga, a 1,000 sq-ft yoga studio located in Vista. This project encompasses the build of two training rooms and is a project in which we are acting as landlord and tenant representatives.

Q: When coming up with plans, what is something that is often overlooked?

RF: Determining the project delivery method is one of the most important decisions made by every owner embarking on a construction project. Choosing the best method for a project must start with a good understanding of the choices available. Owners must also have a firm grasp of the impact of each choice, because the delivery method: establishes when parties become engaged; influences the choices of contractual relationships; and influences ownership and impact of changes and modification of project costs. In all delivery systems, there is always a minimum of three parties involved: owner, designer and contractor. It is important to choose a delivery method that best meets the unique needs of each owner and their project.

Q: What are some of the most important things clients should know before starting a construction project?

RF: Properly planning for a construction project is a tremendous undertaking, and should be left to the professionals to properly set expectations including unforeseen hiccups that may occur.

There is no way to be 100 percent prepared for the realities of a construction project. Contractors may encounter changes in site conditions and need to adjust plans, or there might be sudden shortages in important building materials. But an experienced construction manager can make the plan as watertight as possible.

Q: Do you have any programs to help people with budgeting and managing construction costs?

RF: Yes. In fact, our reputation for keeping costs within budget and minimizing change orders depicts our ability to manage costs. We know construction costs and how to control them through constant review.

Q: If someone wants to revitalize the look of their venue, what would be a good place to start?

RF: Browse our website with information on the articles that are posted, that could be very informational, after that they can always reach us for further help.

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You May Have Seen Some of Their Designs Around Town. Meet the Man Under the Hard Hat, Rodolfo Farber