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JetSuiteX Brings Semi-Private Jet Travel to the Masses in Orange County

Written By: Erik Hale
Photography Provided By: JetSuiteX

A private jet flight is the Instagram selfie dream of an entire generation. You may have imagined that perfect portrait taken on the steps of a “PJ” as you ascend towards the cabin heading off to some fabulous destination. For many of us, the idea of flying private would always be a dream, and it was until now. One way semi-private flights on JetSuiteX between Orange County and Las Vegas are currently available to purchase from $129 on their website.


Here are our six favorite reasons to book a ticket to Las Vegas today using JetSuiteX.

It is Exclusively for Everyone

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The $129 flight makes semi-private jet travel an affordable option for nearly everyone and it includes two pieces of baggage.


Super Selfie

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You can take a selfie in front of a (semi) private jet, as a passenger. Just imagine how jealous your followers will be.


Drink Like a Rockstar

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Unlike discount carriers, these cocktails and snacks are complimentary. That is something everyone needs on their way to Vegas,

Stretch Out

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Stop banging your knees into the seat in front of you. There are no middle seats so everyone can stretch out with 36-inch of legroom in the spacious leather seats.


No Lines

You skip the traditional lines and walk through the the private jet reception area at ACI Jet and directly onto your flight.

Save Time

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You can go from the parking lot to taking off in 15 minutes. That time saver might be our favorite benefit.