KARMA Revero GT Boasts 535 Horsepower and Handcrafted Scottish Leather

Co-Owner Jesika Towbin-Mansour Shares Why the Addition of KARMA Automotive to Towbin Motorcars Will Change the Las Vegas Luxury Vehicle Scene

Written By: Tommy Jarrell
Photography Provided By: Towbin Motorcars 

It’s not often that you hear the terms ‘luxury vehicle’ and ‘sustainable’ used in the same sentence. However, residents of Las Vegas will be pairing them together with much greater frequency if Towbin Motorcars has anything to say about it. This is largely due to the fact that Towbin Motorcars has partnered with KARMA Automotive in order to add a new sustainable luxury car to their portfolio—the KARMA Revero GT

For some time now, Towbin Automotive knew that it wanted to add a new electric vehicle to their lineup, and now, after a great deal of deliberation, they have struck a deal that will fold the KARMA’s Revero GT into their current automotive portfolio. Prior to this deal with KARMA, Towbin’s portfolio consisted of luxury brands like Bentley, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin and Maserati. When asked about how Towbin Motorcars decided to bring KARMA into the fold, co-owner Jesika Towbin-Mansour said, “It felt like KARMA was a good fit because it’s a good balance with the other brands we have. It’s an electric plug-in that is just as luxurious as our other cars.”

The Revero GT, which was formerly dubbed the KARMA Revero, debuted at the Shanghai Auto Show back in April of this year. Like the original KARMA Revero, the Revero GT is a plug-in hybrid that features a sleek and curvy silhouette. While the car’s exterior design has been modified slightly to give the car a more modern, California-inspired aesthetic, some of the greatest alterations to the vehicle have occurred beneath its hood.

For starters, the Revero GT features a 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine that has been sourced from BMW. This powerful engine equips the Revero GT with 535 horsepower that can take it from zero to 60 in an incendiary 4.5 seconds. Additionally, its lithium-ion battery pack is more capable than those installed in previous iterations of the Revero. The new battery pack can power this stunning luxury car for up to 80 miles, before calling on its gas-powered engine that can extend its range an additional 280 miles. Towbin-Mansour claims that this is one of her favorite features of the car because “there’s no range anxiety.”

Towbin-Mansour, who actually has a dog named Karma, is excited about how adding the Revero GT to the Towbin Automotive portfolio might influence the luxury car market in Vegas. Despite the fact that there aren’t many KARMAs on the street at this present juncture, she hopes that the presence of the Revero GT can help inform people that there are luxury cars on the market that are both beautiful and more sustainable for the planet. Towbin-Mansour notes that “a lot of people don’t know about [KARMA] or what they stand for, so this lets people know that there are other options out there.”

While it is easy to boast about the wonders related to the Revero GT’s performance, its beautiful exterior and its expertly crafted interior are also worthy of our admiration and attention. The car’s curvaceous exterior give it a svelte and aerodynamic appearance that is bound to turn heads and drop jaws when it is seen for the very first time. On the inside, the Revero GT is outfitted with features like handcrafted Scottish leather and sustainably sourced, reclaimed wood trim accents that add to its panache. Unlike many other luxury sports cars, the Revero GT has a spacious interior that is family-friendly and even capable of accommodating a car seat. 

While the Revero GT is not yet available at Towbin Motorcars, they are set to have a launch party for this sporty and futuristic vehicle on July 23 at their showroom in Las Vegas, Nevada. When the Revero GT does finally hit the market, it’s guaranteed to generate some much-deserved intrigue and interest in markets like Las Vegas and beyond. 

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