LA-Based Interior Designer Kishani Perera Shares Her Tips on Creating Eclectic and Cozy Interiors

Where Modern Meets Vintage

Name: Kishani Perera
Job Title: Interior Designer and Author LA-based interior designer

With a portfolio full of complex, lush interiors and beautiful, bold constructions, it’s safe to say that LA-based designer Kishani Perera has perfected the art of creating cozy, eclectic spaces. Not one to push a certain style onto her clients, Perera’s talent lies in building highly personalized scenes by layering textures, colors and unique, eye-catching pieces. Her work has caught the eye of celebrity clientele like Bruce and Emma Willis, Harry Styles, Curtis Stone and Lindsay Price, and now, she shares her tips on how to master that same look in your own home.

LA-based interior designer

Go With Your Gut

LA-Based Interior Designer Kishani Perera
Credit: Anthony Barcelo

“The biggest thing in creating a home is not overthinking things: don’t overthink, like, where is this going to go? Is it a weird shape? What if it doesn’t match the other things in the room? Don’t worry about it.”

LA-based interior designer

Find Pieces You Love

“The best rooms I’ve ever done are when we collected interesting, need-to-have-it pieces along the way. The most unique and eclectic spaces evolve when you’re not making it too perfect.”

Tie It All Together

LA-Based Interior Designer Kishani Perera
Credit: Anthony Barcelo

“In the most eclectic of spaces where things don’t seemingly have cohesion, there’s always a common thread that runs throughout. Usually, for me, it’s a color. Like if you have a multi-colored rug, I would pull a color from that and then develop extra layers around it.”


Livability Is Key

LA Interior Designer Kishani Perera
Credit: Joe Schmeltzer

“I want a home to feel comfortable, cozy and inviting, and part of that to me is having this organic feel that’s not too tight. I want people to walk in and feel like they can sit down anywhere.”

LA-based interior designer

Enhanced Sense of Touch

LA Interior Designer Kishani Perera
Credit: Anthony Barcelo

“I like to incorporate a lot of texture—it draws you in. You want to sit down and be enveloped with this chair, a shaggy carpet or the fireplace, whereas a really flat, hard, cold feel doesn’t draw you in as much.”

The Creative Process

Credit: Joe Schmeltzer

“It’s almost like when you write a paper in college; you have to come up with that thesis, otherwise the whole paper will meander and have no point,” Perera explains. “It’s the same thing with designing a space—you have to come up with the aesthetic.”

LA interior designer

One for the Books

Credit: Joe Schmeltzer

Want more design tips from Perera? Pull some inspiration from her book, “Vintage Remix: The Interiors of Kishani Perera.”

Kishani Perera
5482 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 1552
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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