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RahiCali and Mowgli Rescues Just Made the Season of Giving Way Cuter! Furry Friendsgiving

Written By: Gabriella Layne Furry Friendsgiving

These days, fashion is just as much about what you represent as what you wear. Hashtag activism has gone viral in the social media sphere and retail powerhouses are following suit, using their platforms to ignite powerful conversations about worthy causes on a massive public stage. On November 6th, emerging LA based bohemian brand RahiCali and animal rescue sanctuary Mowgli Rescues honed the spirit of the giving season to unite SoCal ‘it girls’ to give back in serious style. During an event proclaimed as #FurryFriendsgiving, the local companies hosted an intimate brunch in the boho paradise of Abbot Kinney where the city’s most influential fashion mavens gathered to enjoy good food, great friendships, and the opportunity to adopt new furry friends for life.

The attendee list included Miss USA 2015 Olivia Jordan, model babe Destiny Sierra and Frankie’s Bikinis founder Francesca Aiello to drop a few names. Together, these ladies made a clear message that the skyrocketing homeless and euthanization rates of dogs in Los Angeles is worth discussing—and if 30k hashtag impressions didn’t prove that, their adorable puppy selfies surely did.

So, how did the inspiration for this stylish puppy movement come about? As an emerging fashion house that embodies the free-spirited, earthy vibe of its hometown Los Angeles, creative directors Reneta Jain and Neha Jain wanted to fulfill their brand mission of using their platform to give back in a meaningful way.

“From the beginning, we’ve always wanted to make giving back a staple of our brand and this is only where we start. We’re a dog loving family so we wanted to join forces with Mowgli Rescues and other local dog lovers who epitomize our brand mission and what the RahiCali girl is all about.”

– Reneta Jain, RahiCali Creative Director

The event was not only successful in creating a platform for fashion mavens to give back in a digitally savvy way, but it gave the adorable puppy attendees some much needed camera time — just what they need to ensure that they find a happy new home.

HARLEY // Needs a foster or adopter (DM us if you can!)

A photo posted by Mowgli Rescue (@mowglirescues) on

The VIP (very important puppies) who made the guest list brought high energy vibe to the #FurryFriendsgiving event, stealing the show with cuteness while giving the ladies more reason to foster meaningful relationships. Furry Friendsgiving

“We wanted to surround ourselves with people who have supported RahiCali in the past and fashion influencers whose relationships we’d like to grow in the future. This event is all about friendship – showing appreciation for old friendships and igniting new friendships – especially with new furry pals!”

– Neha Jain, Creative Director

Kudos to RahiCali and Mowgli Rescues on an amazing event and proving that social consciousness, puppy power and a good sense of style go seamlessly hand in hand! Furry Friendsgiving

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