ISSUE #79: This Los Angeles Issue features Danny Trejo, Amazing Style Trends and a Dream Wedding in Mexico

Written By: Caroline Thompson
Photographed By: Joe Magnani and Jared Schlachet
Styled By: Claudia Alvarado LA May 2018 Issue
Grooming By: Brian Bond LA May 2018 Issue

As I made my way from Orange County to Woodland Hills, my anxiety started to bubble up at the thought of interviewing Machete himself. What in the world would this hardcore, ex-convict think of a blonde girl from Alabama with vocal fry that could put valley girls to shame? Surely, he would take one look at me and roar with laughter, shaking his head and putting a halt to the interview before it even began. I wondered if it was too late to turn around and crawl back into my comfort zone that was Newport Beach.

But, as I sat down with Mr. Trejo, the warm smile that greeted me told of a completely different story than the one I had imagined on the drive over. Immediately, I felt welcomed into his life, like I was an old friend he had known for years. Because that is just one of Danny Trejo’s endearing personality traits; no one is a stranger.

Photographers Jared Schlachet and Joe Magnani snapped pic after pic of the star, adding that “Danny Trejo is one of those guys that we have grown up watching on TV and in movies. He very often steals the scene with just a look or a word or two. We also knew his background story and how he got started in show business. We were a little intimidated to meet him at first but he quickly changed all that with a joke and a smile. It is a day and a shoot that we will always remember.”

From rioting in prison to becoming one of the most successful names in Hollywood, Danny Trejo is a positive example for all men and women whose odds are stacked against them. He has lived a life that no one could ever dream of, and all of his experiences—good and bad—have shaped him into the generous, caring soul that he is today. Danny Trejo, with his rough, tattooed exterior, truly is the human embodiment of the expression ‘never judge a book by its cover.’

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Although she was born and raised in Alabama (roll tide), Caroline Thompson is officially a Newport Beach resident. After quitting her corporate job, Caroline now lives the "digital nomad" life, traveling the world and documenting her every move on her blog, Overcome Ordinary. When she's not jet setting off to foreign countries, you can find her at the dog park with her goldendoodle or at a live indie rock show.




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