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Cold Temps, Hot Results—Cryo Haus in Laguna Beach Is Your Next Obsession 

Written By: Kelley Huskey
Photography By: Karma Captures Laguna Beach Cryo

A stone’s throw from the ocean, Cryo Haus in Laguna Beach offers a cool new way to get hot—cryotherapy. Also known as cold therapy, cryotherapy is the use of extremely low temperatures to shock the body into repairing itself. This provides a number of beauty and health benefits while quickly becoming the go-to recovery method for athletes and those with aches and pains. It’s also a different way to lose inches and tighten skin. These five reasons alone will make you want to book an appointment at Cryo Haus ASAP. 


1 | Goose Bumps are the Key to Better Health Laguna Beach Cryo

The benefits of whole-body cryotherapy are numerous and impressive, and new discoveries are continuously being recognized. Devotees report more energy, reduced anxiety, better moods, clearer focus and more sound sleep. It is credited with reducing migraine symptoms, asthma exacerbations, inflammation and arthritic pain. It alleviates muscle and joint soreness, boosts metabolism and can improve physical appearance. It is even believed to play a beneficial role in fighting cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases such as diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and more.

Native Knowledge: “The Real Housewives of Orange County” star Gina Kirschenheiter is a frequent visitor and a big fan of Cryo Haus


2 | Baby, It’s Cold Inside Laguna Beach Cryo

Cryo Haus is the only walk-in, all-enclosed chamber in Orange County that’s cooled (to as low as -202 degrees at Cryo Haus) by nitrogen,” says Danielle Logan, owner of Cryo Haus. “It’s the safest machine out there because it’s 100% breathable air, and you get a lot more benefits with the all-enclosed.” Logan explains that this machine is unique in that it equally distributes the temperature, maximizing the benefits by including the neck, face and head.

Native Knowledge: Cryo Haus is a boutique cryo spa that offers luxe plush mittens, slippers and ear muffs.


3 | Freeze Your Buns Off!

According to Logan, “Spending just three minutes in the cryo chamber can burn up to 800 calories.” That’s about the equivalent of calories burned in a rigorous, one-hour boot camp-style fitness class. When exposed to extremely low temperatures for just three minutes, the skin’s temperature drops to about 50 degrees, while the temperature of the body’s core stays the same. “Your body is doing so much work to build heat. Even after, it’s still working and speeding up your metabolism,” she says.


4 | Frozen in Time Laguna Beach Cryo

Cryo Haus proudly uses the award-winning Pagani Cryo T-Shock machine to non-invasively freeze and eliminate fat cells in targeted areas. Logan says she’s seen impressive results by tracking her clients’ inches, even guaranteeing results after five sessions. Using the same machine, Cryo Haus provides anti-aging facials. An esthetician administers localized thermal shock, stimulating collagen, reducing inflammation and pore size, killing bacteria and tightening wrinkles. Cold therapy also works well for acne and rosacea.

Native Knowledge: Cryo Haus is locally owned and operated by women.


5 | Chill Out! You’ll Feel Better in No Time

Ice packs and cold compresses have long been used by parents on childhood bumps and bruises after a tumble or other type of injury. Think of cryotherapy as a giant ice pack—it reduces inflammation and helps injuries heal faster. Whole-body cryotherapy helps individuals recover more quickly from surgery or intense training, and it also maximizes athletic performance. The process benefits those with muscle, joint, chronic and arthritic pain too. 


Cryo Haus
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