4 Murals in Laguna Beach That Might Inspire You to Channel Your Inner Banksy

The Hive Features Artists’ Murals That Are Bringing Color To Laguna Beach

Written By: McKay Vandenberg
Photographed By: Hunter Cole Laguna Beach Murals

In a digitally-connected culture, embracing art together as a community can create an unmatched, lasting impact with something beyond ourselves. The Hive in Laguna seeks to create those exact moments for artists and patrons alike. Located in the heart of Laguna, The Hive brings art to everyday life by housing one-of-a-kind shops and restaurants while dressing their building with unique and captivating murals and art pieces. The Hive not only promotes small, local businesses, but it also creates a space for artists to express themselves and share their work. Next time you’re at The Hive, connect with friends over great food, drinks and shops, and enjoy how each mural pushes the boundaries on how art can be felt and experienced.  

Laguna Beach Murals

“Bear Named Pa’u”
Chad Hasegawa

Hasegawa’s second mural is located next to the Prevail Strength & Conditioning, creating a striking piece for those about to get their sweat on. The various shapes and patterns, made up of grays and blacks, all form together to create the image of a great bear, symbolizing the strength that can come with unity.

Laguna Beach Murals

James Thistlethwaite

Thistlethwaite’s piece “Aya” is a stunning portrait that captures the contrast of black and white with bright, warm colors with a nod to a subtle yellow undertone. The 26-by-16-foot mural is made of pure charcoal and features “Aya” sporting a yellow raincoat and looking off into the distance off the canvas.


“Spirit of Laguna”
Beau Stanton

Wrapping the walls of the Laguna Beach Beer Company is an eye-popping mural by Beau Stanton. The colorful mural features a classic wooden ship riding the waves of various classic art styles, with intricate detail and precision in every section. Stanton incorporates and blends a number of artistic styles and textures to complete a unified piece.

Brett Crawford

Crawford’s “Sirena” encompasses a whole wall at The Hive, but its impact stretches far beyond that. The urban mural depicts close up of a woman’s face, her long black hair tangling across the building wall and intertwining with cherry blossoms. With bold reds and purples, Crawford’s artwork is simply stunning.

The Hive
845 Laguna Canyon Rd
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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