This Laguna Beach Steakhouse Serves An EPIC 40-Ounce ‘Lord Stanley’ Wagyu Cut

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Chances are, if you’re choosing to go to a steakhouse, you’re looking to wine, dine, and be impressed by some perfectly cooked, high quality cuts of meat. We’re here to tell you that if you live in Southern California, we know a spot where that’ll happen every time – Selanne Steak Tavern. They have a 40-ounce cut of wagyu ribeye on the menu, and it’s sure to impress.


This “Lord Stanley” cut of steak can be found at Selanne Steak Tavern in Laguna Beach, California. This spot is owned by NHL legend and former Anaheim Ducks player, Teemu Selanne. Inside you’ll find the Stanley Cup and his many Olympic medals in a display case. On the meaty side, the Lord Stanley is Selanne’s crown jewel, crafted to life by Executive Chef, Josh Severson.

Chef Severson begins with a 40-ounce cut of Australian wagyu rib chop, which looks like a massive and delicious steak tomahawk. He then treats it with simplicity to bring out the meat’s natural flavors, adding just salt and pepper before searing it on a flat top griddle. The steak is then transferred to an infrared deck oven to get the temperature perfect every time.

Severson’s signature steak comes with a savory side dish of pan-roasted King Trumpet mushrooms. They’re paired with shallots, Cippolini onions, garlic, Madeira wine, and butter to round out and boost the mushroom’s meaty, umami tastes.The flavor train doesn’t stop there, though, as the wagyu rib chop gets basted with more butter and herbs before being topped with the mushrooms. The final touch to Selanne’s steak masterpiece is a healthy dollop of marrow butter, imbued with truffle and shallots for a knockout umami punch.


Selanne’s Lord Stanley takes steak and indulgence to the extreme. If you’re looking to treat yourself while in Laguna Beach, this wagyu dinner is the perfect way to do it. Laguna Steakhouse 40-Ounce Wagyu

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