Take Some Insta Photos and Then Disconnect, Because The NOW Wants You to Chill!

Written By: Jody Miller
Photography Provided By: Tessa Neustadt NOW Massage Santa Monica

Where would you go if you could leave the frenetic pace of city life behind? Could you reach paradise and attain a state of bliss in only 25, 50 or 80 minutes? Imagine a pristine world where the power of touch allows you to nourish and restore the body and mind amidst white-washed linens, intoxicating aromas and the raw and natural materials that connect us to the earth and a sense of sublime serenity.

The NOW in Santa Monica was conceptualized to bridge the gap between luxury and affordability, while never compromising its quest to deliver a heavenly experience at a cost that makes massage and personal wellness a tangible reality. “The interiors for The NOW were inspired by [the] nature and raw, idyllic beauty of Tulum, Mexico,” states Co-Founder Gara Post.  

With a background in design and a dedication to wellness, it is only fitting that the space would reflect the power of nature and its significance to relaxation. “We wanted to incorporate as much nature indoors as we could and to make each space feel divine and connected in its own way.” Clients may opt for The Journey room—the dedicated hand and foot space where one can choose to be social and chat with friends or unplug from the world, don an eye mask and float away into their happy place.  

For a full body massage experience, retreat to The Moment room and unwind to calming sounds and healing hands. If you choose to add in an aromatherapy oil—for only $10, why not?—it will allow for improved skin health and a passage to a world beyond the rigors of daily life. You can also add on Muscle Recovery Gel that will whisk away soreness.  

Whatever you choose, nirvana is within easy reach when you know exactly where to find it.

Stretch It Out: If you’re an athlete that needs some R&R, opt for The Stretch, a massage designed for athletes that can help improve recovery time.

Crystal Clear: Fan of crystals? The NOW offers Crystal Healing, which is a table massage where charged healing crystals are placed on chakras.

2407 Main St
Santa Monica, CA 9405
Get Your Chakras Aligned at The NOW in Santa Monica

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