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You’ll want to record first runs and repeats of this show, because it’s continuous entertainment inside the home of this first-generation Mexican-American familia. The family is famous for tequila, for God’s sake— what more could you ask for in a captivating primetime TV show! Just imagine the sagas surrounding this spirit-focused family. And, at the heart of it all, is Daddy Bill Marin’s little girl and “favorite” of four blonde bombshell sisters, Lauren Marin.

This Surfside-native is the essence of the So Cal beach gal and perfect for encapsulating the soul of the laid-back lifestyle vibe. She’s a workout-aholic, a surfer, a model, a director, an actress; she’s a tequila heiress. Lauren Marin admits that their family fame from the show hasn’t changed their lives much. She refers to the “Tequila Sisters” tapings more as family therapy than anything else and wants viewers to know that the Marins are a truly down-to-earth kind of household… down to earth in the sense that Daddy Marin still keeps close tabs on all of his girls, encouraging them to remain residents in the family home at the age of 25. A single viewing of TVGN’s “Tequila Sisters” will reveal that this house is full of a few proud, female personalities and one protective papa who would do anything for his girls. But, despite the strict upbringing, Lauren Marin says she’s ready to spread her wings and take on the world as a model, actress, stuntwoman, dancer…whichever comes first.

Q: Did you ever think that your family might become famous from your Dad’s success in the Tequila industry?

Lauren Marin: No, It’s something that just happened. We got approached to do this reality show, and we had always been approached before, too, when we were kids, but we weren’t into it. This time, it was just the right time—the right situation. So, we decided to do it, thinking it could be a fun experience. We thought it would be fun to get to work together as a family.

Q: You mention that your family is close anyway—talk about how tight-knit you are.

LM: My parents are from Mexico, and they brought us up with a very strict upbringing, so we couldn’t do a lot of things. And even though our parents wouldn’t let us do sleepovers or anything like that, there was just something about being home together. We love being around each other. We fight and bicker, but, really, we get along so well.


Q: How did your parents meet?

LM: My parents met in the states, and my mom was a bartender, so, my dad was getting himself a little drink, and my mom was waiting on him, and that’s kind of how they hit it off. He kept coming back to her bar, trying to put some game to her, and finally she fell for it. My dad is very charming. Every restaurant we went to when we were younger, he makes friends with the table next to us, the waiter—everyone just remembers him. He’s so charismatic. I hope I can leave something behind for everyone to remember like that.

Q: Does your Dad ever feel outnumbered by all you girls?

LM: Oh gosh, yes! He has no chance in winning any argument with any of us. He tries, but he knows he’s not going to win. He’s got five women around him with five different personalities, and we’re all such strong women, and we’re all stubborn. We’ll fight over anything—the sky being blue, and he’ll challenge, “No, it’s this color.” He will lose.


Q: I hear that he is very protective of his girls— particularly you since you’re his “favorite.” Tell me something you girls did growing up to stretch the rules a little.

LM: I tried everything. I would try to negotiate with him to go sleep over at friends’ houses. I always knew what the answer would be, but I always tried. There was no budging with him. I am guilty of sneaking out of the house probably twice, but you know what, it was not fun. I would get to the party, and I was just so paranoid, and I would have had a heart attack if my dad found out. I just had anxiety and wanted to go home. My dad was so scary growing up. If we were five minutes late, we were being yelled at. But everyday as an adult, I thank him for that.

Q: Talk to me about your show on TVGN. Was it fun to shoot? Has your life changed in any way?

LM: It’s been a great experience for us. While we’re shooting, the producers encourage us to be very honest and say what we mean, so it was almost like therapy for us—very therapeutic. At the end of the day, this is our work, this is our job, and to be honest with each other and towork with our family. I couldn’t ask for anything more. I feel like nothing much has changed. We’re still the same people—we’re very down to earth. You do grow—to be honest and be yourself on camera in front of strangers. I think it gives you confidence. It’s a very fun family show. I think it’s very entertaining.


Q: Where are some of your favorite spots to eat, shop and hangout in Southern California?

LM: I love trying new restaurants. I’m a big food person, I love going to restaurants and having the chef bring out his favorite thing to make. My family has always been like that. There’s this amazing restaurant in Marina Del Rey, called Paiche— it’s Peruvian and Japanese. It’s so different, but it’s amazing. They have amazing cocktails, and the atmosphere is so fun— they play great music. I love a great experience while having dinner. For shopping, I’d have to say South Coast Plaza and Fashion Island, because I grew up there. Also, Robertson Blvd in LA—you can’t go wrong on that street.

Q: Where did your travels take you during your time off, and what was your favorite place?

LM: I went to Europe, went to London, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Spain. I also went to Australia and Indonesia. I’d have to say my favorite place to travel would be Italy. I love the culture over there—it’s very close to being in Mexico. It feels very homey to me over there. The beaches are gorgeous. I enjoy being places that are so different that you don’t really get to experience all the time, too. Indonesia, for example, was such a culture shock to me, just the way they live—it’s such another world. I enjoy seeing that, too. There’s so many more places that I want to visit.

Q: Can you share some of your secrets for staying in such great shape? And do your sisters keep you motivated to stay in shape? It’s seems like a house of hot girls might get a little competitive…

LM: I love working out and being active. My diet is pretty much all about balance. I love eating amazing food, so I keep track of what I eat, so I’ll go work extra hard in the gym if I eat more. I love doing cardio and weights. Actually, last night, I tried soul cycling for the first time, which was amazing. I’m addicted now. I love trying new things. I think it’s good to switch up your workout and take different classes. I enjoy pilates once in a while. My sisters and I spend weekends together; we’ll make a trip to the gym, and teach each other different workouts that we learn, because we all have different trainers. It’s funny, when we’re in the gym; we’re all trying to one-up each other. It’s very motivating and fun.

Q: You are very active. Do you have a favorite activity?

LM: I love to dance. I used to dance a lot when I was younger. After high school, I stopped dancing, but got back into it a couple years ago. That’s something that I truly, truly enjoy doing—dancing. I love the whole choreographed dance moves and everything, and it’s such a great workout, too. You just feel good afterwards.

Q: What’s something you’d really like your fans to know about you?

LM: I would love people just to know, even though my Dad gave us this great life and they might think we’re spoiled from watching the show that we’re really very hard working, and we’re humble. I hope people get that we’re good people, and we’re very down to earth.

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