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The Makeup Pro Shares Tips, Stats and Who to Follow

Written By and Photography Provided By: Cameron Pulido Makeup Blogger Los Angeles

5 Tips to Becoming a Successful Beauty Blogger:

  1. Be your true, authentic self.  
  2. Stay consistent on uploading. 
  3. Have a vision. 
  4. Create content you love and have fun with it.
  5. Don’t overthink things. 

Makeup Hack: “Spray your face with setting spray before you apply your highlighter, that way it can be more intense and blinding.”

Milestones: Makeup Blogger Los Angeles

25k – December 2015
50k – July 2016
100k – April 2017
200k – February 2018

Cameron’s Favorite Instagram Accounts: Makeup Blogger Los Angeles

“[These are my favorite because] I feel like they have the latest products to date and trends in the beauty industry.”


Fun Facts: Makeup Blogger Los Angeles

“I really like highlighting my face to really accentuate those areas and make them more noticeable.”

200 Makeup Brushes 

2-3 Hours Spent Filming Per Glam Video

45 Minutes to an Hour to Complete a Full Face of Makeup

Cameron Pulido