12 Reasons to Join This Boat Club Rather Than Own a Boat—It’s a No Brainer 

The Joys of Hassle-Free Boating!

If you have rented a boat to cruise around the harbor with friends or family, it would be understandable why you may be in the market for a watercraft of your own. And who could blame you? The way the boating lifestyle has been glamorized in music and entertainment, investing in a majestic water vessel appears to be a great idea—at the surface. Electric Boat Rental Club

The reality is with additional expenses boat owners accrue, including general upkeep, insurance costs and docking fees, most end up spending much more than they bargained for, with less time doing what they enjoy. Before taking the plunge and investing in this fun but pricey hobby, a frugal alternative is right around the corner. Here are the top reasons why you should join the Lido Electric Boats Boat Club instead of buying one for yourself.


1 | No Boating Experience Necessary (Training Included!)

Whether novice or seasoned, boating experience is not necessary to join the boat club. In addition, a boating license is not required to drive these electric boats, and training is provided by the experienced and skilled Lido Electric Boats. The staff will take great pleasure showing you the ropes. In other words, you’ll look like a pro in no time.

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2 | Cleaning, Insurance, Dock Fees and Maintenance Are All Taken Care Of

The benefits of the boating lifestyle without having to worry about the costly concerns that come with ownership are a mere splash away. Lido Electric Boats’ membership plan takes care of all the burdens associated with boating. 

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3 | Dedicated Boat Club Concierge Electric Boat Rental Club

With a knowledgeable and friendly staff, Lido Electric Boats’ concierge is there to add a personal touch to every member’s request and answer all inquiries. The LEB team also ensures that every vessel is clean, charged up and ready to sail upon guests’ arrival.


4 | Access to 21 Colorful Boats and Unlimited Use of Your Fleet

Lido Electric Boats houses only the top-of-the-line vessels from Vision Marine Technologies, the only electric boat manufacturer to use lithium batteries, with a proven long-lasting range. The membership allows for unlimited access to any of the fleet’s vessels. The first is the Fantail 217, an adorable replica of the late 1800’s French Riviera boats which was designed for a smooth and carefree sail. Secondly, the Volt 180 offers a high-performance ride with a sleek and bold exterior. Both crafts can accommodate up to 10 passengers and come in an array of colors.


5 | Easy Reservation Process Electric Boat Rental Club

Two options of membership are available with Lido Electric Boats: $395/month for unlimited weekday rentals or $495/month for unlimited rentals seven days a week. After selecting the plan that fits your lifestyle best, the reservation process is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply book online by selecting the desired boat, date, departure time and sail duration, and you’re all set. The process is seamless, even for not-so-tech-savvy users.


6 | Initiation Fee of $1,000 

To spark your interest to join this convenient boat club even more, Lido Electric Boats is currently waiving the $1,000 initiation fee to all of LOCALE’s viewers and readers upon request. That means members will only be responsible for their monthly membership and a refundable $500 security deposit. This promotional offer is only valid for a limited time, so be shore to take advantage of this deal while it’s afloat.


7 | Limited Availabilities Electric Boat Rental Club

Luxe-living and exclusivity go hand in hand. Partly what makes something so desirable is how difficult it can be to actually attain. Similarly, the membership to join Lido Electric Boats’ Boat Club is in high demand, and spots are limited, so be sure to reserve your membership early this fall!

8 | Free parking Electric Boat Rental Club

A Lido Electric Boats membership also comes with some great amenities, including FREE self-parking. Valet is available daily from noon to 6 p.m., and restrooms are also available for guests to use.


9 | 5 Neighboring Restaurants for a Gourmet Experience

Located on the gorgeous and bustling Newport Harbor, Lido Electric Boats is surrounded by a number of award-winning restaurants, including Zinque, Malibu Farm, Circle Hook, Lido Bottle Works and Nobu. Whether you’d prefer to dock and dine-in or take your food to go, rest assured that there will certainly be delectable options to choose from.


10 | Full Access This Fall

Unlike most membership plans, Lido Electric Boats does not have any blackout dates for their members, providing them with more daily opportunities to sail the seas.


11 | The Best Nautical Experience

When it comes to joining a boat club, owning or even renting a boat, the shared interests appear to be the same: to make memories! This is a factor that Lido Electric Boats has been putting in all efforts to provide to their members. From the pristine condition of the boats to the seamless reservation process, LEB has taken the time to map out the best nautical experience for their guests from start to finish.


12 | Family Adventure Electric Boat Rental Club

Joining a boat club is a great way to add some fun to your fall calendar. Take the kids for a sunset cruise after school, enjoy a weekend brunch on board or host an intimate birthday party! How about that romantic sunset cruise? A membership program is a practical alternative to enjoy the beauty of the sea without the financial burden. 


Lido Marina Village Electric Boat Rental
3424 Via Oporto, Ste 101
Newport Beach, CA 92663

Photography Provided By: Electric Boat Rental, Joseph Barber Photography

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