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Selma Alameri’s Success Story Continues

Written By: Nicole Fera

Photography By: Nancy Villere of  Crush Photo Studios

Hair & Make up By: Salina Santoya

Model: Selma Alameri

Styled By: Brittany Hart

Clothing Provided By: Luella Boutique, Eden Boutique, Capricorn Boutique, Dolcetti Boutique, Pink Lagoon, House of Boutiques

Jewelry Provided By: Gaia Goddessa,   Exclusive Diamonds by Carter, Dolcetti Boutique

Over the years Locale Magazine has been fortunate enough to feature and work with some pretty amazing cover girls. Their beauty has shone through inside and out and helped make each and every issue and shoot something special and unique. Some girls were chosen because of their dedication to their craft. Some were chosen because of their passion for their sport. Others were admired for their beauty and charity work, but all have been a prime example of what it means to be a strong individual woman. Not to mention they’ve all been local gals from our beautiful California neighborhoods and cities. From recapturing musical albums to stepping out of their comfort zone with a new look, these girls have gone the extra step for Locale and their big debut. Their stories have been an inspiration to our readers and ourselves, and their newest ventures are no exception.

Selma Alameri graced the cover of Locale back in 2013, rocking beautiful bohemian style for the Indian Summer issue. Alameri is best known as being the former runner-up contestant on season 17 of the Bachelor on ABC. Alameri is not only beautiful, but a confident, strong entrepreneur who runs her own business in San Diego and has recently broken ground into her dream field. She has worked as a real estate developer for the past six years and knows the streets of San Diego as good as any local around. Recently, she has tapped into development, as she explains in our interview with her.

Alameri was the perfect candidate for our cover because she truly embodies all of the characteristics that other women can look up to. Between working hard to grow her business, taking care of herself and traveling; this gal has plenty going on to keep her busy and on track. She has come a long way since we last caught up with her in 2013 and she was kind enough to sit down and let us know what’s she been up to. Here’s the low down on life after the cover.


Q: How did it feel to be the cover girl of Locale Magazine?

Selma Alameri: It was a pretty amazing feeling to be on the cover of Locale Magazine. Its wild to see yourself in a different light. They definitely push you out of your comfort zone and I’m glad that they did. I’m not typically a boho kind of gal, but being styled in something different was new, fun and exciting for me. And to be perfectly honest, when you see yourself on the cover of a magazine, you’re really not paying much attention to what you’re wearing anyway. I do have to say that seeing it for the first time was probably one of the coolest moments of my life.

Q: Looking back on that shoot, what do you remember most about that day?

SA: Looking back on the day of the shoot, the most memorable part of it was the location and the wonderful photographer. I was so intrigued by the location and how cute the little town was, and although it was in San Diego, it was a part of town I had never seen before. The weather was perfect, the scenery was perfect and everyone there was so amazing. The photographer was so comforting and she had a lot to say during the shoot, which made me feel so comfortable in direction. Although it wasn’t my first time modeling, it certainly was the first cover and spread I’d done, and no matter how much modeling you’ve done in your past, nothing can quite prepare you for your first cover.

Q: Was modeling something that came naturally for you or did it take some time to get comfortable in front of the camera?

SA: Modeling is something I have been doing since I was a little girl, but I had never been pushed out of my comfort zone the way I was for this specific shoot. Normally I am always in my own style and always just myself in a shoot; this time around, I was in a different style and was challenged to think differently in order to achieve the “look” we were going for. It definitely was new and different for me, but that will always stand out, in my mind as one of the coolest photo shoots I’ve done yet.


Q: What was life like before the cover?

SA: Life before my cover was a whirlwind, to be honest. I had just come off the show “The Bachelor” and things were changing all around me, but in such a positive way. I had been doing all kinds of interviews and photo shoots, but getting the cover of Locale was by far the most flattering to me.

Q: What was life like after the cover?

SA: Life after the cover of Locale was still a whirlwind. It was the same all around me, but deep down inside it was different. Something really cool about walking around all over town and seeing your picture on a cover of a magazine.  It was so much fun to see people realize that the magazine in their hand, had a picture of me on the cover. It really is such an honor.

Q: What are your current projects are you working on?

SA: Currently I am working on a development project in Pacific Beach, where my family and I are building six units. Being in real estate now for six years has been so wonderful and so rewarding, but my true dream was to tap into development and we have finally made it happen. My brother-in-law, Scott Sinnett, came to me with this project and I couldn’t be more happy and proud to be a part of his team. This is not his first development project and what he has done in the past has been epic, so for me to a part of this truly is an honor. Each luxury row home will have ocean view, which is so symbolic to me, because being near the ocean is where I feel I belong. I know that everyone will feel the same way about this development as I do, once it is complete. You can check them out and get sales information at www.pbrowhomes.com.


Q: What are your future aspirations?

SA: My future aspirations are truly just to be happy. I believe without happiness, nothing else matters. Success, health and wealth will all come if you work hard enough at it, being happy through it all, is the true test. So yes, happiness is my aspiration in life.

Q: What’s your spirit animal?

SA: As much as I hate to admit to this, because I’m not a cat person, I would have to say that a cat is my spirit animal. I’m very loving and affectionate to my friends and family and those who have my trust, but once you lose my trust, I am very cold and indifferent. And we all know cats can be cold but can also be the most loving animal. So, yes … unfortunately, a cat is my spirit animal. Meow!

Q: Where are you favorite local hang out spots?

SA: My favorite local hangout spots would have to be Sugar and Scribe in La Jolla for the best coffee, pastries, breakfast or lunch and or Bencotto and Monello Italian restaurants in little Italy for lunch and dinner. They have the most amazing Italian food and their drinks are made to perfection. The atmosphere is so welcoming, the art is so tasteful and the food at both restaurants is so amazing and authentic. Its the closest to Italy I can get. That’s typically where you can find me when I’m hungry or when I need a drink.


Q: When you’re not in front of the camera, where else might we find you?

SA: When I’m not in front of the camera, you can definitely find me either at Spark Cycle La Jolla, which is the best cycle studio in the history of cycling or at the gym. But I would say more so at Spark Cycle. Its my addiction and my peace of mind. So when I’m not getting fat at Sugar and Scribe, Monello or Bencotto, I’m getting fit and lean at Spark Cycle! They say life is all about balance … (laughs)!

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Her Locale Issue: www.issuu.com/localemagazine/docs/locale_sd_indiansummer-issuu2b/24