Light Lab Founders Caroline Lee and Anne Sage from Los Angeles Brighten up Our Day With Their Interior Design Tips

Work on Your Magic to Bring a Light to Your Home With the Founders’ Shining Advice

Written By: Kiersten Morris Interior Design in Los Angeles

Collectively run by Co-Founders Anne Sage and Caroline Lee, Light Lab is a creative studio and event venue where you can have a photoshoot or host an event. These two eclectic and free-spirited women have a knack for turning spaces into bright, vibrant and vintage-inspired backdrop for people to envision and create their own magic. Now, they’re sharing their tricks of the trade so you can create your own magic, too!  


See the End Goal

“The most important tip we suggest is to have a clear vision from the outset of any project! That way, you’ll have a filter to run all your decisions through down the line.”—Anne Sage


Pin It

“We first gather a ton of inspiration images on Pinterest, then we create a vision board by selecting the top photos that represent our final intention for a project.”—Caroline Lee


Just Get Out

“Nothing helps us un-stick like getting outside and exploring somewhere new. Even staying local and checking out a neighborhood you’ve never been to can be a fruitful way to get inspired!”—Caroline Lee


Feel It Out

“Be sure to consider all your senses when decorating. Design is visual, but it’s also about the way a knit throw feels to the touch or the way a vintage leather chair smells when you sit in it.”—Anne Sage


Follow Your Heart

“Before you think about how you want your space to look, identify all the ways you want it to make you feel! Once you come up with an intention for the space, use it to guide your design decisions.”—Caroline Lee

Favorite Project: Their studio makeover for Lee’s sister. With an open-minded client and amazing brands to partner with, they were able to push the boundaries and create a colorful, sophisticated space.

Inspiration Spectrum: “We love the history of art and design and love to imagine contemporary iterations of iconic motifs,” Sage said. “At the other end of the inspiration spectrum, we ask, ‘What’s something we’ve never seen before?’ and then go from there!”

Light Lab
3405 Glendale Blvd, Ste D
Los Angeles, CA 90039

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