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Jumpstart Your Body With Live Well Clinic in La Quinta

Written By: Jasmín Nelson La Quinta Naturopathy
Photographed By: Kenneth Alexander Scott

It’s freshly 2018 and you may or may not be a bit behind on your lofty goals. You might actually find yourself feeling a bit worse for wear and, boom! Flu season strikes and you are down for the count. Get into the groove of having goals that include emotional and physical wellbeing with non-toxic therapies. Reboot after you’ve indulged in one too many cocktails with IV Nutrient Therapy or after one too many sweet treats with medical and HCG weight loss. Live Well Clinic in La Quinta is on deck, ready to boost your system and make you feel like a million bucks.

Meet Dr. Sonja Fung, one awesome Primary Care (and cat loving) Naturopathic Doctor, who can help you establish what she calls “the building blocks to help balance your body.” She’s the ‘keep it real’ doc who has no shame in asking, “Did you poop today? Because hey, elimination is important! You can rebuild your system that’s not working properly just by changing your diet. Did you drink enough water? Bring it back to the basics.”

Whether your lifestyle entails being up early in the SoCal surf or slaying all day in the office, when troubled waters arise, consider naturopathy and chill. Dr. Fung explains, “Some people don’t know what naturopathic doctors are really about. We’re primary care doctors with a holistic viewpoint. We utilize functional medicine that’s non-invasive with a more lifestyle therapy focused approach instead of the use of prescription meds all the time.”

Dr. Fung works with all ages, be it newborns or seniors, and multiple conditions including but not limited to cancer or the everyday run down and fatigued symptoms. From preventative care to sports medicine, she’s got your back, bones and pretty much all your joints covered. Some popular services bring patients in weekly, like the B-vitamin injections, while more chronic diseased patients are in the office two to three times a week. Let’s be honest, all around wellness is so necessary no matter what stage of life you’re in or what condition ails you.

Another go-to treatment for Dr. Fung’s patients is Regenerative Injection Therapy, which is a treatment for chronic pain caused by unhealed joint injuries. “The body stimulates its own healing abilities…if you put a cortisone injection in a joint, it’s just a temporary ‘kill the pain’ type of fixer-upper. It’s just masking the problem; my goal is to fix the problem,” she stressed.

When asked what inspires her in the medical/naturopathic field, Dr. Fung explained that “I’ve always been interested in the body and medicine. Growing up with a family that used Western medicine as well as Chinese traditional medicine, I noticed when I got sick, I got Chinese remedies from my grandmother. We would go to Chinatown and get bark [and] herbs and brew medicinal tea or soup, and she would make me drink it. It worked better than antibiotics, [and] I would think ‘Wow! All I have to do is drink this horrible tasting medicine and I’m better!’” When Dr. Fung hit naturopathic medical school, she honored both traditional and conventional medicine and her passions just leveled up.

When she’s not off duty and being a foodie with her hubby and her two cats, you’ll catch her rock climbing and hopefully not blowing out her knee while doing it. Check out the video she recently posted on social media where she got injured and is getting regenerative injections by her fellow Live Well doc, Dr. Brian Myers. “If I get injured, I have to follow my own medicine,” she says.

There’s something so refreshing about a clinic that offers a variety of adjunctive treatments, including acupuncture, Reiki therapy and stress management by a doctor who supports and knows how to take a spoonful or injection of her own medicine. With that in mind, whether feeling like the flu is creeping in or just generally feeling run down, hit the problem head-on at Live Well Clinic. It is the best way to reboot, recharge and revitalize your system, be it for maintenance, prevention or healing a multitude of conditions. It’s a win-win.

So, here’s to a happy and healthy year!

Guac This Way: Medicine isn’t the only thing Dr. Fung is passionate about; she’s also a sucker for mom-and-pop taco shops. “You know, the hole in the wall places.” It’s California; we feel you doc—and we’re adding guac!

Climate Control: Dr. Fung loves desert living and appreciates the sunny, dry climate and scenery. And mountains are a must, as she was born in Portland, Oregon.

Mark Your Calendars: Every Wednesday, Live Well Clinic offers community acupuncture during lunch hour and meditation classes every Wednesday evenings.

Detox in the Desert: Instead of going for that Kit Kat bar, sign up for a 21-day Nutrition Reboot and B-Nutrient Shot. Your body will thank you.

Native Knowledge: Don’t fret if you’re not a pro yet, nutritional counseling goes into each visit.

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