Live Well Clinic’s Dr. Sonja Fung Breaks Down Naturopathic Medicine

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Written By: Kelly Emmer
Photographed By: Jane Chouteau Dr. Sonja Fung

Expert: Dr. Sonja Fung
Credentials: Owner and Medical Director, Live Well Clinic

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about the Live Well Clinic and what you do?

Sonja Fung:  Live Well Clinic is a primary care holistic family practice. Like a typical family clinic, we see a bit of everything from digestive issues to hormone balancing, pain management, and cancer, but with a more holistic perspective. As a Naturopathic doctor, my passion involves finding and treating what I would call the ‘root cause’ of the symptoms in question, which will ideally give the patient a more complete and tailored care. We counsel patients on nutrition and movement, and utilize supplements, injectable B vitamins, and IV nutrient therapy on a daily basis.

Q: Were you born and raised in the Greater Palm Springs area?

SF: I am definitely a transplant like a lot of people here. I am originally from Portland, Oregon and grew up in the Bay Area. I did my undergrad at UCLA, and went back to Portland for naturopathic medical school. I am a huge lover of the sun, and one of my mentors recommended this area to me. I came out here to visit, and instantly fell in love with the area. This was about eight years ago.

Q: Can you tell me a little bit about your journey in the Live Well Clinic?

SF: The clinic opened eight years ago in a much smaller space, which it outgrew in three years. We are now in a space triple the size and are able to use our space to partner with other health-focused life coaches, personal trainers, and health practitioners. I have a fantastic associate naturopathic doctor and office staff that work hard for the health of our wonderful patients. Naturopathic medicine is not something everyone understands when they first come in, and we love being able to share what we do with our patients so they feel welcome and understood. We are a team in their overall journey.

Q: How have you built your business within the community?

SF: I think naturopathic medicine is something relatively new to the area, so the marketing and educating the community have been really important in our success. Our patients come in with the mindset that we have a different, more encompassing perspective and treatment for their health, and I think that is our biggest strength and what makes us unique. Our time spent marketing within community outreach, newsletters and articles, social media, different chambers of commerce, and of course, word of mouth, have been part of the bigger picture in our growth and success.

Q: What motivates you to come to work every morning? Are there a variety of inspirations?

SF: Definitely without a doubt, my patients inspire me to come to work every morning. I became a doctor to share my passion as a healer. I love working with patients and working to find an overall solution to assist with their health and wellness, whatever that may mean for them. We really work to tailor our solutions to each individual, and I feel our patients appreciate that.

Q: Who are your role models?

SF: I have different role models for different times and aspects of my life. I have had many inspirational professors and mentors who have helped me along the way with advice on how a business should be run. My family has been a huge part of my life, and they have helped me work through difficult situations in the past. The last one I have to mention is Dr. Paul Anderson. I have known him for about a decade and he was one of my professors in medical school. To this day, he mentors my practice and me. I know he is always a phone call or email away if I need him, which is a wonderful support system to have.

Q: Finish this sentence. You aren’t a true Greater Palm Springs local until you…

SF: Have been through a summer season out here! I love the heat, but having come from a cold and damp environment, the difference is shocking. It’s definitely something you have to get accustomed to.

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Get to Know Dr. Sonja Fung, Owner and Medical Director of Live Well Clinic

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