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Genteel Coffee Co’s Owner Has Bean There, Done That

Photographed By: Gabi Nehring Go-To Spots in San Diego

Expert: Justin Esselstrom
Credentials: Owner Operator and Founder, Genteel Coffee Co

Genteel Coffee Co
403 13th St
San Diego, CA 92101

Go-To Spots in San Diego

Monday | Snooze Go-To Spots in San Diego

I like to start my week out with a hearty breakfast at Snooze, and since it’s a weekday the wait is much more manageable. Their eggs Benedict options are amazing, but don’t forget to ask about their off-menu pancakes. You won’t regret it.

Tuesday | El Paisa

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El Paisa is the perfect midweek hangout. It has a good atmosphere and even better authentic Mexican food. My favorite is the Shrimp Burrito coupled with an icy margarita.

Wednesday | Wailua & Tony’s Cocktail Lounge Go-To Spots in San Diego

After work, my girlfriends and I like to cruise over to Wailua in Ocean Beach, grab a mango goji bowl and explore the farmers market. Sometimes we’ll even pop in for a game of pool at Tony’s Cocktail Lounge.

Thursday | Amplified Ale Works

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I like to support neighboring businesses so I’ve really been enjoying Amplified Ale Works’ new location in East Village. They have one of the best happy hours in downtown, and you don’t want to pass on the Doner Fries—they are fire.

Friday | Lancers

I’m a sucker for dive bars, and University Heights is home to one of the best. Lancers has an eclectic crowd, a mean whiskey ginger and a number of bar games that will easily fill up your evening.

Saturday | Mutual Friend

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I love ice cream, but many years back I developed an allergy to lactose. After going years without good ice cream, Mutual Friends has been such a joy. They have a rotating menu and a good variety of vegan options, too.

Sunday | Revolution Coffee Roasters

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Sunday rides on my Harley usually take me up PCH to Oceanside, where I grab an almond milk cortado at Revolution Coffee Roasters. Their almond milk is incredible—making the drive up the coast always worthwhile.