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Even though the bright San Diego sunshine may make you think otherwise, the holidays are here! It’s time for shopping, celebrating and for letting your great Aunt Jo squeeze you a little bit longer than you’re comfy with. But more than that, it’s time to get out of the house and catch up with old friends and really have some fun. If you have friends or family in town and are lookin’ for a spot to show off, you’ll no doubt want to parade them around the must-have Mexican street food at Puesto. Bold colors, floor to ceiling paintings, and aromas of the best homemade tortillas in all of La Jolla greet diners at the door. This self-proclaimed “Mexico City Taco Stand” has something for every south-of-the-border food lover. An upscale, yet fast, casual eatery, Puesto serves up some good grub. From their fresh salsas, to their all-natural chicken al pastor, carne asada, pork, and sustainable seafood of shrimp and salmon, Puesto has a menu full of options. Even the veggie-lover in the group can get a full plate of yum here—with delish potato soy chorizo tacos and zucchini and cactus, too. If you’re starting out your New Year’s resolution diet early, Puesto has some healthier options in salads and bowls that’ll make your mouth water. All are scrumptious creations from Mexico City native and Executive Chef Luis Gonzalez. Chef Gonzalez’s cooking roots and recipes run deep. The son of a fisherman and the grandson of a true Mexican cook, Luis prepared his very first dinner for a Quincinera party in Mexico City back in the day. From catering as a young chef, to beginning a career in San Diego, Chef Gonzalez now runs the tasty show at Puesto, serving hundreds of locals since its brick and mortar start. Puesto is also special because it’s a family-owned and operated biz, under the care of native San Diegans, Eric and Alan Adler and Isi Lombrozo. The team has customers hooked on a taco fix, always coming back for more.

Since a splash of color is all the rage this holiday season—in both the food you eat and the threads you sport—make sure La Jolla’s RICA Boutique is dressing you up! Skinny jeans, colored denim, bright blazers and shoes, shoes, shoes are just a few of the style gems found here in this corner store. Maybe another one of the reasons why RICA is so darned loveable is because a giant pink heart logo is the first thing you see when you spot this shop. Owner and fashion expert Erica Alexander is no stranger to La Jolla. She grew up here in the beautiful city. After living in Los Angeles for 10 years working with top costume designers and stylists in Hollywood, Alexander took a risk and moved back home to open RICA. Girard Avenue is a coveted shopping ‘hood’ in La Jolla, so when the storefront was up for lease this year, she snagged the opportunity in a heartbeat! Now RICA is grow, grow, growing with its “top trends at affordable prices” philosophy. Erica buys smart for the store—she takes inspiration from fashion blogs, mags, street style and top trends on the New York runways. Step into this light and breezy boutique, and you’ll find racks of adorable on-trend dresses, sweaters, studded-collar blouses and jackets that are perfect for the cooler months ahead of us. The accessory list is long at RICA, with gorgeous metal statement necklaces, dazzling bracelets, and comfy, colorful scarves. All of these accessories are easy on the budget and perfect for the holiday shopping list! Need a kick of sassy on your feet for all of those holiday parties on the calendar? RICA is your spot for that too, with their selection of shiny pumps, heels and more. Get ‘em while they’re hot and Feliz Navidad!


RICA Boutique
7456 Girard Avenue, La Jolla, CA 92037


1026 Wall Street, La Jolla, CA 92037

The Amazing Food at Puesto, San Diego – Photo by Antonio Pullano of LovinLife Multimedia