Jazz on the 2nd Floor – Palm Springs

Discover a hidden Palm Springs Speakeasy with Live Music!  Let’s paint the picture… 

You stumble upon this historic Palm Springs movie house, live music hits your ears, you take the quaint elevator or circular staircase to the hidden 2nd Floor, only to discover a Palm Springs Speakeasy!  The jazz band and singer nestled in the corner, jamming away at jazz, bossa, and Latin jazz rhythms, black tablecloths adorned with candlelight chandeliers, and your favorite cocktails and bites. 

You breathe into this exciting live music adventure, and want the world to know what you discovered, yet, you secretly want to keep it for you & your closest friends who love a hidden local spot, away from the tourist hustle and bustle of downtown. 

A venue unlike any other in Palm Springs, where your fellow guests whisper low and cheer at the end of their favorites, basking in the sea of sights & sounds. 

This IS Jazz on the 2nd Floor, with Leanna & The Jazz Collective, every Tuesday, 5-7:30pm, at the historic Camelot Theatre at the Palm Springs Cultural Center.


The brainchild of Leanna Rodgers, she wanted a place where the best jazz musicians could gather. She books them each week in rotation, so the audience never gets the same show twice.  The top players in their craft, and even some masters that come as guests and get invited to sit in. This is the nod to Palm Springs Music Magic that is experienced every Tuesday. 

Make sure to rsvp, it fills up, especially in high season:

See you there! 

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