The Award-Winning Cuisine at Lotus Thai will Keep You Coming Back Again and Again

Written By: Michelle Slieff Lotus Thai
Photography By: Josie Gonzalez

Brice Lin graduated from National University and received his master’s degree in business. He had a plan to return to Taiwan and work with his family business—but then, life changed when he and Ton met.

Ton SangKapong started the first location in Hillcrest in 2000. Brice was a patron of Ton’s restaurant at the time. Ton took a strong liking to Brice and invited him to become a business partner. They opened the second location in East Village in 2004. At the beginning, Lotus Thai Downtown experienced some hardships—Brice was even working as a delivery boy. Brice realized they established their place in East Village too early, so he suggested that Ton add a compact selection of dim sum to the menu and more people began dining with them. It was the first Thai restaurant serving dim sum in San Diego, and just what the area needed. The Downtown location works as a trendy Asian fusion concept, while the Hillcrest location is more casual and traditional.

If you’re dining Downtown, you definitely need to try the Roasted Half-Duck Curry. Chefs roast the duck daily and season it with five spices. The duck is then stewed in a delectable curry served with fresh cherry tomatoes, grapes, pineapple, bell peppers and basil. If you’re looking for something a little lighter, go with Brice’s pick: their very famous Sea Bass in White Wine. In this dish, sea bass is steamed with fresh ginger, scallions and baby bok choy, it finishes with house special low-sodium soy sauce and Michiu with white wine. Brice and his mom actually created the recipe for this dish together!

If you’re in Hillcrest, be sure to try their best sellers, the Thai Baby Back ribs or the Tropical Mango Chicken. The menu at both locations does not often change; these recipes are rich in tradition and don’t need to be reinvented every season. With that said, they do offer chef specialties on a separate menu.

Indoor waterfalls and Buddha statues add to the eye-catching, eclectic decor creating a peaceful, yet intriguing dining experience. Lotus Thai offers a variety of authentic

dishes surrounded by an inviting atmosphere that defines the ideal setting for happy hour or dinner with friends. Thai, Chinese and vegetarian friendly menu options make Lotus Thai irresistible choices for exotic neighborhood dining.

Lotus Thai offers award-winning cuisine and is currently recognized as the oldest Thai restaurant in Downtown San Diego. Needless to say, Brice no longer operates as the delivery boy. What’s up next for Lotus Thai? Brice hopes their third location will find its hometown in Taichung city, Taiwan.

What is Dim-Sum? It is an experience, not just one dish. It is a style of Cantonese cuisine in which small bite sized portions of food are served, generally in baskets or plated on small plates.

What To Order:

-Roasted Half-Duck Curry
-Sea Bass In White Wine

-Thai Baby Back Rib
-Tropical Mango Chicken

Downtown Lotus Thai Location:
906 Market St.
San Diego, CA 92101

Hillcrest Lotus Thai Location:
3761 6th Ave.
San Diego, CA 92103

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