Día de los Muertos Cocktails

Make Your Dia De Los Muertos Celebration One to Remember With Modelo, Sugar Skull Pinatas and Lots of Color

Celebrate Life This Dia De Los Muertos

Written By: Raphael Madrid
Photographed By: Reilly Kavanaugh

Life’s greatest moments involve celebration—celebration of birthdays, accomplishments, holidays and the celebration of life itself.

Día De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a cultural holiday that honors exactly that. The Mexican tradition suggests that on Nov. 1-2, the dead awaken to share in their feast and join in on the celebration. Día De Los Muertos is a celebration of life; not just our own, but those who have come before us. It is believed that new life comes from death and celebrating the dearly departed’s life with festivities rather than grieving would be a more proper way to pay our respects.

The tradition of Día De Los Muertos includes one fundamental component called the ofrenda (altar). These ofrendas are usually beautifully decorated with several symbols and offerings that help welcome back lost loved ones: candles to light the journey, petals of marigold flowers to leave a trail to follow home, Monarch butterflies symbolizing the belief that they carry the souls of the departed and sugar skulls, which harness the color and joy of life.

With the vigor of old traditions and modern fiesta, Modelo Especial embodies the spirit of Día De Los Muertos. In celebration of life and observance of this joyful holiday, Modelo Especial honors the roots of its rich Mexican heritage and 90-year-old tradition of craftsmanship by inviting you to toast and exalt in the presence of loved ones passed.

There is nothing better in life than being with those we hold most dear, so throw a party to honor the life we have now because this is the only one we have.

To have the night of your life, you only need a couple of things: the people you love and some decorations for the celebration. Light up those candles, gather your marigolds, grab some sugar skull piñatas and themed decor from Artelexia and you’re ready to dance and sip on Modelo Especial!


-Two ounces Modelo Especial
-One ounce Créma de Mezcal
-One ounce Pastis Liqueur
-Half an ounce Fresh Lemon Juice
-Half an ounce Fresh Blood Orange Juice
-Quarter of an ounce Orange Blossom Water

Stop and Smell the Marigolds: The scent of marigolds is said to help lead the dead back to our world to celebrate with us.

Oaxacan Sunset: The Oaxacan Sunset is a subtly smoky spirit that flawlessly mixes orange infused mezcal and Modelo Especial. Celebrate Día De Los Muertos with this delicious drink!

Constellation Brands

Confetti Provided By:
MKC Calligraphy & Paperie

Stickers Provided By:

Piñatas Provided By:
Piñatas Villafan

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