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It Will Make or Break Your Wedding. Quality Audio for Wedding Videos Water Tree Events

Written By Guest Blogger: Megan Waters of Water Tree Events Films & Photobooths 

Let’s talk AUDIO for your wedding videos! We know it’s not the most exciting topic when planning your big day, BUT it is just as important as picking the right wedding dress! Yes, I am comparing your beautiful dress to the audio on your wedding video. Water Tree Events

The reason why is, if you pick the wrong dress you are not going to be happy. If your vows, speeches and all the words people share about you on your wedding day are not recorded properly, you are not going to be happy.

Take 30 seconds to see and hear the difference. Then contact us to start planning your amazing wedding video.

Don’t trust your vows to a front of camera mic, they are horrible in quality and range. Recording audio properly comes from professional mics, lavs and good technique for placement. As a premier wedding videographer in Orange County, I have seen and captured it all! Water Tree Events

Be sure to ask your professional wedding videographer if they use lavaliere mics (Lavs) and external recording device, also known as a ZOOM or Tascam. You will thank yourself!

When you have great audio you can do amazing things in how you look back on your special day.

See what how we created a time capsule wedding video with all the words captured from their special day.

Water Tree Events Films & Photobooths have captured quality audio on over 300 weddings and events.

If you are looking for a creative and caring wedding videography company to LOVE.CAPTURE.SHARE

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