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Run, George, Run!

Written By: Jordan Ligons George Chmiel

On Sept. 11, extreme athlete George Chmiel commenced on a 3, 000-mile cross-country run from San Diego’s USS Midway to Ground Zero in New York City in honor of the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. He will finish his run on Veterans Day. This 60-day mission is in hope of raising $1 million for the Guardian for Heroes Foundation, which is founded by American Sniper Chris Kyle. This foundation aims to help ease combat veterans’ transition to post-military life.

“I love my country. I am proud to be an American, ” Chmiel said to Fox News on Saturday. “When I see the problems in the veteran community and in the nation, I am the type of person that really wants to step-up and do something to give back and make a difference. Being a civilian and the sacrifices that our military heroes make for us on a day-to-day basis, I really feel like I owe.”  

Chmiel, 35, is no stranger to extreme challenges like this. He is one of 150 people in the world to have completed the 4 Deserts series where he finished in the top-seven of each of them. This is an addition to having completed 100-mile races on six different continents including Antarctica. But, this journey is the equivalent of running 120 marathons back-to-back.

Chmiel is apart of BeastMode for the Brave, a group of committed Americans that have made it their mission to say ‘thank you’ to our veterans through this incredible journey. Along with Chmiel, five others will join him from BeastMode including film producers, a doctor and nutritionist, drivers, social media managers, and an event producer to not allow America to miss a footstep.

By starting his training 15 months ago and practicing in Death Valley to prepare for this monster of a run, Chmiel understands the toll this will have on his body.

“The pain and physical pounding my body will absorb for 60-straight days with minimal recovery time [will be the most challenging part]. The soles of my feet, the muscle wasting, the reconstructed left ankle, the hernias, ” Chmiel says to BeastMode for the Brave. “I’ve had four surgeries in the past eight-years. This will be a physical, mental and emotional challenge of epic proportions.”

He will put his body on the line just as our veterans have for our freedom. This marks day two of 60. Track Chmiel’s progress and expected route at www.beastmodeforthebrave.org/route-and-tracking

By the Numbers:
6 Events
14 States
50 Miles Per Day
60 Days (9/11 to Veterans Day)
120 Marathons
3, 0002 Miles
5 Million Steps
How Does a 3, 000-Mile Run Sound? It Sounds Good to George Chmiel