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Brian Cooley of Beach & Beverly and Wicked+ Gives the Scoop on Cool South Bay Spots

Photographed By: Travis McCoy Brian Cooley

Expert: Brian Cooley
Credentials: Co-Founder of Beach & Beverly and Wicked+


Coffee begins every day and the SOURCE CAFE on Pier Avenue in Hermosa is my go-to spot. Featuring Bar Nine roasted beans, they pour a great cup.



Tuesdays take me to Two Guns Espresso in Manhattan Beach for lunch. A must have is The Stan-wich, a pretzel bun with house-made pesto, tomato, arugula, fried egg, with cheese and bacon added. After work hours I host a Wicked+ Run Club where we head down the nearby chip trail into Manhattan Beach and then return to Hermosa via The Strand.



If in the need of a mid-week shave, I head across the street to Talbot’s Barbershop located in the back of Curious on Pier Avenue, a novelty shop owned by Bryce and Andrew.



Keeping it local, we head up Pier Avenue for lunch at Gum Tree Cafe. It’s an Aussie-inspired cafe and gift shop owned by husband/wife team Will and Lori Ford. Everything on the menu is great. Try the Indian Chicken Curry or one of their Aussie pies. Grab a triple shot flat white to go.


Every Friday for the past eight years, you can find me at the Hermosa Beach Farmers Market enjoying the best $2 tacos ever and an ice cold horchata to cool down the spicy jalapeños.



I’ll catch up on emails with a work sesh at The Boy & The Bear coffee shop in Redondo and then spend as much time as possible outdoors.



A perfect end to a day at the beach and the week is dinner at Día de Campo along Hermosa Avenue. This modern day surf lodge is great food in a relaxing atmosphere. If you’re with a group of people, the dish to get is the Big Ass Carnitas. Six-pounds of boneless pork shoulder perfectly cooked and prepared with all the dressings to make your own tableside carnitas tacos.

Beach & Beverly
135 Pier Ave
Hermosa Beach, CA 90245