Mark Hamill, New Years Eve Plans and Our Home + Travel Guide

The moment we found out Mark Hamill would be on our cover for the San Diego December issue, there was a collective gasp of joy mixed with disbelief. Hamill is a busy man. With all the buzz that surrounds the second installment of the revived Star Wars saga, it seemed highly unlikely that we could secure a moment from the legend. But, to our surprise, the response was immediate. He was thrilled to lend a moment to discuss his time in the city he calls his hometown. Considering he has lived all over the world, San Diego is that gem of the West Coast that has always stayed in his heart. December 2017

From his home in Malibu, Hamill chatted with me over the phone, touching on his fondest childhood memories in the city, his storied voice-acting career and, of course, all things Star Wars. His fervor and passion for his profession was tangible. His voice, as I talk about in the cover story, is clear, energetic and full of life. My nerves at the start of our conversation—and the 24 hours before our interview, to be honest—magically disappeared like the Millenium Falcon going into hyperspace. We laughed about using a lightsaber to cut perfectly toasted slices of bread, shared stories about our departed princess and agreed on the importance of storytelling and fantasy in light of current events.
By the time you read this, the newest Star Wars installment will have made headlines with record breaking ticket sales. Fans will be dressed in costume, waiting in line to watch as Rey, Kylo Ren and Luke battle it out. The rumors will be answered and when the dust settles, we look forward to what bag of tricks Hamill has up his sleeve. The excitement is strong with this one. December 2017

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