Mark Zuckerberg Loved Oculus So Much He Bought It—And You Will Too

Oculus VR is Changing Up the Virtual Reality Industry

Written By: Ian Hays



The future is VR. The future is now, and the future kicked off in Irvine. Oculus VR is the virtual reality company making waves and always being one step ahead when it comes to VR technology. By the time Mark Zuckerberg acquired Oculus VR, the company was already on an upward trend—and this just ignited the explosion.

Currently, Oculus can boast that its Rift + Touch combo is the “most technically advanced consumer VR device on the market.” Not sure if you can find something you’ll love on VR? There are over 2,000 apps available on their platform with more than 100 million app downloads to date. There are over 300 Touch titles alone and the numbers keep growing. In fact, the number of developers building apps on the Oculus platform has doubled since this time last year. People can’t get enough of the VR experience. So what makes Oculus so special?

With Rift, Oculus tackled one of the toughest hurdles for a true VR experience—a sense of presence. The Rift technology is all about fully immersing yourself in the game, movie, app, etc. The key is the “low-latency constellation tracking system.” Essentially, it is a type of positioning system that uses infrared IR LEDs in the headset to communicate with a base. This allows for the incredible visual clarity, making the experience feel more real and decrease the chance of motion sickness.

The Touch—or the handheld controllers—technology is no different. The design is contoured to be intuitive and fit with your hands’ natural movement—placing you even further into the VR world you are exploring.

But Oculus didn’t stop there; they created Story Studio. This branch of Oculus is focused on VR storytelling. Their VR animated project, Dear Angelica was an official selection at the 2017 Sundance Film festival. They closed Story Studio in May 2017, however, to focus more on funding and supporting third-party content.

For Oculus, this is just the start. With the pace of technology and a consistent demand from consumers, VR is here to stay and will only become more and more integrated, giving people brand new worlds to discover.

Changing Things Up: Through the VR for Good Creators Lab, Oculus launched an initiative “leveraging VR and 360 degree film to drive meaningful social change,” partnering with non-profit filmmakers.

Challenge Accepted: With the High School 360 Challenge, schools and students use 360 degree video technology to highlight their communities and inspire change where it is needed most.

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