Photography Provided By: Eric Lingenfelder
Photography Provided By: Eric Lingenfelder

There’s a New Club in Pacific Beach and It’s Not What You Think

This New Spot Aims to Crash the PB Party Scene Mavericks Beach Club

Written By: Matthew J. Black Mavericks Beach Club
Photography Provided By: Eric Lingenfelder Mavericks Beach Club

Almost a thousand people are walking through the different areas of the 15,000-square-foot venue of Mavericks Beach Club. It’s a place that has no comparison in PB, as it offers downtown nightclub entertainment and cool beach vibes by the sea. I make my way to the closest bar and enjoy a stiff Manhattan. It’s a Wednesday night, but you’d never know it by looking around. And that’s perfect, because that’s what the new ownership group has mind.

Every night is a party at Mavericks,” says co-owner David Cohen. “We have entertainment seven days a week.” For those seeking entertainment, this place has it all. Baja-inspired food will be served for both lunch and dinner, and on this night it is finger food such as stuffed jalapeños and mini churros. I decide to get a drink at the bar in the East end, but I realize I can find a cocktail at one of four full-service bars. After that, I mull my options of standing, or sitting in an Adirondack chair in front of the fire pit.

Cohen combined with the Verant Group’s Mark Cirillo and Eric Lingenfelder to build the venue named after California’s biggest break. “We wanted to build a California beach bar,” says Lingenfelder. “And Pacific Beach encompasses everything we were looking for.” Mavericks Beach Club

Lingenfelder is very familiar with the neighborhood having successfully operated a PB fixture, Tavern at the Beach for over 20 years. “We love this community,” he says.

This sentiment is echoed by Cohen, who says, “[Pacific Beach] is unique and we created the space to capture the beauty of the outdoors.” Mavericks Beach Club

One walk into Mavericks and you’ll understand why it took three years to construct. The main bar at the venue’s center is enormous and surreptitiously divides the courtyard from the live back area. There, a DJ spins at the very back of the club, while VIP tables with bottle service are placed to the right and left of the booth. Lights and action dot the floor as premium sound and sights overwhelm the senses. And if the booths next to the DJ aren’t enough for you, check out the second floor VIP section that overlooks Mavericks, while offering the comfort of leather couches and smooth libations. Mavericks Beach Club

On the opposite side of the venue, which is a trek to get to because of the enormity, the more recognizable A-frame roof features two floors of fun underneath it. Two more bars, one for each floor, compliment these two areas for seating. It had to happen somewhere, as Mavericks has a full kitchen that serves food from morning until night. They’ll even start brunch service at 9 a.m. on weekends. You’ll have to wonder, just as I did, what’s the point of ever leaving? Mavericks Beach Club

Walking through Mavericks gives me a feeling of familiarity. Open air and unique spaces such as this are reminiscent of Juniper & Ivy and The Kettner Exchange, who were planned and constructed by the same people. Bluemotif Architecture successfully produced another gem in their effort to “create a space to be remembered.” Mavericks Beach Club

Part of that remembering is the live entertainment that will be a staple of Mavericks, including block parties with headline bands and DJs on the weekends. Get ready for the first one to pop off this April (hint, hint). If Mavericks knows anything, it’s to open up in style, and bring the whole neighborhood to bear witness. Mavericks Beach Club

“The diversity of the crowd was my favorite part,” Cohen says about opening night. “We had people that had worked at Casa Al Jones in the 1960s, and people who had never heard of PB Bar and Grill or Diegos because they were 22 years old.”

For those of who don’t know “Casa Al Jones,” it was a Mexican Restaurant that graced Garnett for over 30 years. It’s the new fixture in the old neighborhood providing just about everything a true San Diegan seeks. Venturing to Pacific Beach has for many, many years meant the same thing: uninhibited fun! With everything that Mavericks offers it’s hard to call it a restaurant, or a bar or a venue. That’s why ownership describes it as all three, and is ready with open arms to provide your next good time.

Mavericks Beach Club
860 Garnet Ave
San Diego, CA 92109

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