These Two Cuties from the UK Are Giving Harry Styles a Run for His Money Stars Max and Harvey Are on the Rise

Written By: Sophie Bress
Photography Provided By: Sophie Groves Max and Harvey Musically

Fifteen-year-old twins Max and Harvey Mills are taking the world by storm. The UK-born duo began singing together at the early age of five, and came into the spotlight through their creative and fun use of the popular app for video creation, posting covers, comedy skits, etc. Max and Harvey’s creative and fun style, and of course their sense of humor, quickly made them a crowd favorite. The duo also impressed fans with their natural singing abilities. In the words of Max, “We did a few singing videos and everything just blew up!”

Max and Harvey’s fame and success continues to grow as they release new original songs and videos, such as their hit “Stuck on the Ceiling.” Up next, the duo will be a featured performer on DigiTour Arctic Lights US Tour. They could not be more excited to bring their music and style to numerous locations across the US. Harvey speaks for the both of them when he says “We’re so excited to be going on tour as we’ve never done a tour like this with other people, especially not in the US! We’re also excited to see some of our friends and meet loads of new people, including our fans!” Max and Harvey Musically

It’s obvious by watching Max and Harvey’s videos that they have great senses of humor and know how to have fun. Of course, behind all the flawless editing of their videos, the twins still have some mishaps. But, of course, in their typical fashion, they still manage to have fun in spite of the bloopers. Max laughs, “We were taking a boomerang on a high wall and as we went to get down, Harvey fell backwards! Luckily he landed in a bush so he was okay.” Max and Harvey Musically

Even with their fame skyrocketing and with no signs of stopping, the twins manage to stay very down-to-earth and keep their fans in mind. A possible reason why they are such a crowd favorite? Max and Harvey are very open with their fans. Harvey says, “To be honest with you, there’s not much that our fans don’t know about us. We share pretty much our whole lives on social media so there’s not much I can think of that our fans wouldn’t already know.”

With only a little bit left until the DigiTour Arctic Lights US Tour kicks off, Max and Harvey are poised to blast into the spotlight. With their humor, charisma and natural talent, the twins are sure to delight their fans. If you can’t make the DigiTour, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Max and Harvey’s new book “Max and Harvey: In a Book” and, of course, new original songs and videos! 

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