Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill Serves Up Top-Notch Meats

Written By: Jessica Young
Photography Provided By: Alternative Strategies

More than two decades ago, two colleagues and best friends developed a plan  for a dining concept committed to serving Certified Angus Beef, along with creating innovative dishes using locally sourced products whenever possible. Ofer Shemtov and Eric Anders spent the first chapter of food service careers working long hours in Los Angeles restaurants. The pair vowed that someday they would develop their own restaurant concept that would drive the design of a restaurant group, not just a single location.

The opportunity presented itself in the form of a formerly failed barbecue diner, in the Los Angeles suburb of Moorpark. At only $5,000, their budget was tight, but the pair worked to renovate the space and prepare it for opening in the spring of 1992. They faced numerous challenges—including being located in a low-traffic area to opening another barbecue-based establishment in the shadow of the failed space with limited funds. But, after many long hours, and many nights sleeping in the restaurant space, they found success. The original Wood Ranch in Moorpark is still roping in customers today.

Since their first brick and mortar opened in 1992, Shemtov and Anders have continued to expand the Wood Ranch brand. Following the Moorpark location, they opened storefronts in Agoura Hills and then Camarillo. Today, there are 16 locations serving up quality meals to roughly 60,000 diners a week across Southern California. The signature barbecue sauce served at the locations is also available online, so guests can virtually visit Wood Ranch and bring home their favorite flavors.

From the beginning, Shemtov and Anders knew that they wanted to create a dining experience for their guests that was both rustic and comfortable, but also delicious and focused on quality. Wood Ranch serves only Certified Angus Beef at each of their locations. These products promise consumers an exceptional eating experience and must meet rigorous standards in order to gain CAB status.

Their dedication to serving only the finest products available has given Wood Ranch the ability to expand their facilities while still maintain consistency and quality in their menu items. Diners know that the quality of their meals will be the same no matter which restaurant they choose to visit.

Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill
7510 Hazard Center Dr, Unit 215
San Diego, CA 92108
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