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Summer Meddock Talks All Things Interior Design

Written By: Charla Batey
Photographed By: Maxx Buchanan
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Expert: Summer Meddock
Credentials: Owner of Meddock Interiors
All in the Details: Meddock’s motto is “Finding simplicity in the details.”

A Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising alum with a degree in merchandise marketing, Summer Meddock started out working for companies like Estée Lauder as well as owning multiple businesses in the restaurant industry with her husband, Matt, and design realm. With three children, an eye for design and a passion for using her creative abilities, Meddock set out on her latest venture, Meddock Interiors. In her new business, Meddock aims to provide a “simple, worry-free, creative and interactive” design experience for her clients.

Q:  What first drew you to interior design?

Summer Meddock: I’ve always had a love for design and creating something from start to finish. I’ve always admired people who were in the industry but never really thought I would start my own business. It wasn’t until a year and a half ago where I really started to consider what this would look like through the business I had before, which is also a business in the home decor realm. I knew I wouldn’t be doing that forever because I built everything by hand. When I put that business on hold, I got the vision for an interior design business that turned into Meddock Interiors.

Q: Tell us about starting your own company while being a mother of three.

SM: It’s crazy, to be totally transparent, but also a blessing because it allows me to have that avenue and outlet for creative expression other than teaching my kids and being a mama. It really allows me to have a break and differentiate between the two, because I’ve always been a person that enjoys working, being creative and being hands on.

Q: How do you balance your growing company with motherhood and life?

SM: Balance is a tricky thing. For us, we own a couple of restaurants, which my husband manages, so between the two of us we try to maintain open communication. We also try to make sure we have our work time and our family time. We go to church, we hang out after, we try to have our friends over so our kids can play with their buddies and we have our adult time.

Q: What inspires you when coming up with a new design?

SM: When it comes to decorating a client’s home, they really inspire me because they know what they really like. Sometimes it may take them a little time to figure it out, but what they are hoping to achieve really inspires me. Also, if I’m out and about in nature, sitting on the sand and totally relaxing, that tranquil setting also helps me hear from God about new ideas for my vision, projects and next steps. Those quiet moments help me see the bigger picture that ultimately leads to all the baby steps in relationships and projects.

Q: What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome with interior design?

SM: You realize you don’t know everything, so you really have to position yourself in a humble way in that you are learning and have to ask questions and gain wisdom and understanding from people who have already walked that journey. And just being totally honest with yourself in that I don’t know it all and that’s totally okay. I don’t think you ever stop learning so the humble approach is key.

Q: What trends do you see today that will be long lasting in the interiors world?

SM: This probably stems from my own personal style, but I hope we will always see the mix of clean and modern lines and textures with rustic charm. You see a lot of reclaimed items and wood elements. I think the mix of this with clean modern, like a concrete exterior on a house and a rustic fence around the yard, will always be around in some capacity.

Q: What is your favorite space that you have designed and why?

SM: Honestly I’d have to say LOCALE’s office, because we infused it with color and pattern and it just was really fun. I also love the transformation of Project Spielman because we just turned this home into a beautiful, classic, warm and refreshing space for the family.

Q: For those looking to revamp their space, how do you suggest they get started?

SM: I think the first item to always figure out is what you want the space to do. Do you want to create an environment with lots of seating for entertainment? Do you want to create a space with lots of extra storage because you have kids and need to conceal all the toys and mess kids make throughout the day? How do you want the space to work? Once you address that, you can go through and clean out what you don’t need, which is usually the hard part for people because sometimes we cling to things and associate them to memory. Then from there, it really gives you a fresh picture of what the capabilities are in the room. It opens the door for a new perspective.

Summer’s Favorite Places to Shop

  • Urbanism Furniture in Costa Mesa on 17th street.
  • Androsa in Newport Beach in Lido Village
  • HomeGoods
  • Target

Three Essentials to Have in Your Home

  • An Area Rug
  • Mood Lighting
  • Window Treatments


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