5 CBD Products That Will Chill You Out, Ease Aches, Soothe Pains and Help You Sleep

Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution Just Got Easier With Medterra

Written By: Diego E. Gaxiola
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Medterra was founded with the philosophy that individuals should be able to experience the impressive amount of health benefits CBD has to offer at an affordable price. Cannabidiol, more commonly-known as CBD, is a chemical compound extracted from cannabis flowers that can provide individuals with an array of benefits, ranging from pain relief to easing anxiety and depression. But its uses reach beyond even that—CBD can be incorporated into any daily, weekly or even monthly wellness routine. So if you need a little assistance turning that New Year’s goal into a healthy habit, here are five products from Medterra that can help you make it happen.

Best CBD Products

Busy Counting Sheep


Getting a good night’s sleep can play a major role in keeping your body healthy, less-stressed and focused on achieving those New Year’s resolutions. Medterra’s dissolvable sleep tablets combine a mixture of 25mg of CBD extract along with 10mg of melatonin, resulting in an effective and natural sleep remedy. Simply place a spearmint-flavored tablet under your tongue before bedtime and enjoy a restful night of catching Z’s.

Best CBD Products

Caffeine Who?

Good Morning

Medterra’s Good Morning Capsules are a viable alternative for those looking for an extra boost throughout the day. The capsules include an effective blend of 25mg of CBD as well as B6 and B12 vitamins, helping to keep your nervous and immune systems strong. In addition, the capsules also include the dopamine booster “L-Tyrosine,” as well as “L-Theanine,” an amino acid that assists in keeping your mind relaxed without causing drowsiness.

Best CBD Products for sleep

Cramps, Nausea, Bloating, be Gone!

Women’s Monthly

For women looking for an all-natural way to ease monthly aches and pains, Medterra has a solution! The Monthly Wellness formula was thoughtfully designed by experts with the goal of providing relief for women dealing with period discomfort. The formula includes the beneficial Valerian root, 25mg of CBD and cramp bark, providing individuals with a convenient solution to tackle those monthly symptoms.

Meet Me at the Gym in Ten!

Cooling Cream

A great workout can boost your mood and overall self-esteem, but oftentimes the days after consist of sore muscles and joint pain. Medterra’s Topical Cooling Cream contains 100ml of CBD, providing long-lasting relief for those dealing with post-workout aches and pains. The cooling cream is available in 250mg and 750mg of CBD strength, allowing individuals to keep their New Year’s goals in focus without worrying about post-workout soreness.    


Thank You, Mother Earth

CBD Tincture

The Medoil CBD Tincture is MedTerra’s most popular product due to its impressive array of benefits, helping individuals with conditions ranging from anxiety to arthritis. The 30ml CBD Tincture Bottle provides individuals with three different CBD strength options, ranging from 500mg to 3000mg. With 30 servings per bottle, you are able to utilize the oil however and whenever is most convenient throughout your day.  


Native Knowledge: Utilize the live chat option while browsing Medterra’s products online. You will be connected to an expert who can answer any questions or concerns that may arise.

Native Knowledge: Stay tuned! Medterra is coming out with their newest line of CBD products specifically designed for your pets.

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