Photography Provided By: Sarah Orbanic
Photography Provided By: Sarah Orbanic

Melissa Wood-Tepperberg Tells Us Her 5 Tips For Living a Healthy and Happy Life

Hint: She’s So Worth the Hype

Melissa Wood-Tepperberg is a mom, wife, entrepreneur and the founder of Melissa Wood Health—a digital platform created to share expert advice on all things health and wellness. And although her life may seem picture-perfect, it wasn’t always that way. In the past, Wood-Tepperberg struggled with insecurities and suffered in silence from an eating disorder. The moment she accepted this darkness was when she began her transformation to become the beam of light she is today. Now, her mission is to help others with self-love and acceptance through movement, mindful eating and meditation. Here are her top-five tips for living a balanced and happy life.


Get Your Glow On

Photography Provided By: Sarah Orbanic

“Fully living my truth has without a doubt brought out a glow within me. Living in alignment and fully practicing what you preach really enhances that glow.”

Melissa Wood Health

Prioritize Self-Care 

“Start with small changes and micro moments of self-care. Even 5-10 minutes of movement and meditation has the ability to transform your entire day—not only your mood, but your entire life will evolve, expand and change.”

Make Mindfulness Your Mission

Photography Provided By: Sarah Orbanic

“The more you breathe, the more you connect with what’s right in front of you. Take a moment to connect to your breath before diving into your day.”

Melissa Wood Health

Ask Yourself…

Photography Provided By: Sarah Orbanic

“I ask myself every single day, ‘How bad do I want to feel good?’ I know I want to feel as good as humanly possible—in my mind and body—because I remember what it feels like to not feel good.”

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Use Your Motive as Motivation

Photography Provided By: Sarah Orbanic

“Find your why and a practice that feels good to you—one that gets you motivated to show up on your mat every day, [one] that inspires you to create the best version of yourself. Then, commit to doing the work. Consistency is the key ingredient to experiencing lasting results.”

Melissa Wood Health

Melissa Wood Health

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