mercedes benz eqs upgrade
Credit: BRABUS
mercedes benz eqs upgrade
Credit: BRABUS

The All-Electric Mercedes Benz EQS Just Got a Major Upgrade Thanks to BRABUS

Here’s Why Your Set of Wheels Needs the BRABUS Aerodynamic Enhancement

If you are in the market for a new car, consider this your sign to head down to Fletcher Jones Motorcars in Newport Beach and check out the Mercedes-Benz EQS for yourself. With gas prices still high and a majority of people back to their daily commute, now is the perfect time to treat yourself to a luxury electric car along with the BRABUS upgrade. Between its unparalleled range and its sporty style and classic comfort, here’s exactly why you need a Mercedes-Benz EQS and the BRABUS Aerodynamic Enhancement to go with it!


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First of Its Kind

mercedes benz eqs upgrade - BRABUS
Credit: BRABUS

Although Mercedes-Benz has been one of the most sought out brands in the nation since the ‘60s, their EQS Sedan is the first of its kind and considered the new flagship of the electric fleet. Experience its futuristic feel and take your driving experience to the next level with the BRABUS Aerodynamic Enhancement. Since BRABUS was founded in 1977, the company’s top priority has always been the development of bodywork components that give Mercedes-Benz automobiles a sportier and more elegant appearance. From scuff plates and ambient lighting to carbon pedals and high-quality floor mats, not only is the EQS the first of its kind, yours can be one of a kind thanks to the BRABUS upgrade!


Unparalleled Range

Credit: BRABUS

Between the Monobloc M wheels and lower ride height, the exclusive BRABUS enhancement reduces drag and improves range by 7%. The monoblock wheels have been tailored for the wheel wells of the EQS and are available in numerous sizes from 20 to 22 inches. The BRABUS wheels benefit both the style and suspension of the car, making the handling even more agile. In addition, the reduced drag naturally improves the handling stability at high speeds. To sum up all the car lingo, the BRABUS upgrades make it feel as if the EQS Sedan is driving itself. 



mercedes benz eqs upgrade - BRABUS Enhancement
Credit: BRABUS

Speaking of living in the future, the cutting-edge appeal of the EQS Sedan starts from within with technology tailored to serve all onboard. Not only does it listen and can tell who’s speaking, it also learns your face and fingerprint, adapts to your habits, attends to your comfort and anticipates your needs like your own personal assistant. If music is your motive, then expect to enjoy virtually endless play from your favorite music streaming service by simply saying, “Hey Mercedes, play…” From state-of-the-art driving assistance to a wide range of protective measures, the EQS looks out for you so you can look forward to every drive. 


Sporty Style and Classic Comfort

Credit: BRABUS

Because of its polished design and rich interior, when you think of luxury vehicles, Mercedes-Benz is unparalleled. However, the BRABUS upgrades will make your car top-tier. The bodywork components are produced from carbon and come with a choice of a glossy or matte-sealed finish, giving the luxury liner a strong sporty look. The BRABUS designers developed carbon air deflection elements in front of the rear-wheel arches in order to add some sporty lines to the sides and positively influence the airflow and reduce aerodynamic lift at the rear by up to 40%. Although the outside has a sleek and edgy style, when you slip inside the EQS Sedan, you’ll find the kind of comfort that makes you feel at ease while on the road. 

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