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Grab Your Keys to the Sprinter Van and Hit the Road!

Written By: Ian Hays

When it comes to group activities with family and friends, Southern Californians know how to get it done. Fun adventures can be found in every direction you drive. While some trips require minimal packing and planning, the best activities often require a great set of wheels. With the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van, you can rest assured that everything from storage to comfort is at your disposal. Its size, flexibility in function and great gas mileage make it perfect for a weekend spent outdoors.

Sprinter Van

Hiking at Top of the World in Laguna Beach

“When it comes to the Sprinter Van, size is key,” Mario Garcia from Mercedes-Benz of Laugna Niguel said. With up to 12-seat availability, your whole crew, dogs, backpacks and any other necessities will fit comfortably, not only for the ride over, but also when easing those sore calf muscles on the ride home.


Camping at San Clemente


Tents aren’t for everyone, and sometimes a little comfort of home while appreciating the nature around you is needed. With removable seats and spacious cabin room, you can set up the interior for sleeping. You can set up a table, stove and refrigerator; essentially what you need to take camping to the next level.

Bonfire in Huntington Beach

After a day at the beach, there’s nothing like a good bonfire. But sitting on the ground or worn out folding chairs can take its toll. “You can take out those seats and benches from the van and use those as your chairs for around the bonfire,” Mario said. You now can relax around the pit in luxury, leaving the cabin of the van set for storage.


Snowboarding in Big Bear

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No longer will you have to get ready in the cold temps outside your car. “With its size, you not only have enough room to store your board, but you don’t have to exit the van to put on your gear,” Mario added. The Sprinter Van not only can safely gets you to you to the mountaintop, but it’s an asset even when you’re not driving.

Surfing at San Onofre

With the Sprinter Van, surfers no longer have to worry about lines at the shower post session. “You can just hook up an exterior shower and you’re good to go,” Mario said. With the ease of cleaning the van flooring inside as well, the Sprinter Van offers privacy while changing out of the wetsuit and safely storing surfboards away from the elements.


Mountain Biking at Sheep’s Hills

With the Sprinter Van, you don’t have to worry about other vehicles, rocks or the elements damaging your bicycle en route to and from the trails. With its storage space, you can not only set up the bikes inside, but you’ll also have room for first aid, snacks, tire pumps and any other amenities needed for a mountain-biking excursion.

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