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I Became a Mister Wife and Was Born(s) Again

One Hollywood Night I Will Never Forget

Written By: Jilli Joffe

Photographed By: Max Zien

It’s not often that I’m just as excited to see the opener as I am the main event, but that was certainly the case when I saw BØRNS open for MisterWives at the Troubadour in West Hollywood. And, quite frankly, it would appear that I wasn’t alone – if wall-to-wall people at a Hollywood event at 8:30 p.m. on a Friday is any indication. That’s not to take away from the amazingness that is MisterWives … It’s just the kind of musician that Garrett Borns is. Hold up. What’s that you say? You’ve never HEARD of the synth-tastic sensation that is BØRNS? Just do yourself a favor, stop reading, and listen to his EP right now: See you in about 9 minutes… Or, in the fairly likely event that you end up falling into the BØRNS-hole, see you back here whenever you happen to reemerge – hey, it happens to the best of us!

But let’s get back to that fated night at the Troubadour, the legendary Hollywood club that’s launched the careers of such musical greats as Elton John, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell and Buffalo Springstein. With a capacity of 400, it was an intimate setting to enjoy BØRNS and MisterWives, two of the most exciting contemporary artists of the moment (in my opinion). And with this event selling out months in advance, and tickets going for over 500% markup, it’s plain to see that they easily could have sold-out an even bigger venue. But I’m so glad that they didn’t, because the iconic Troubadour was a perfect spot to get up close and personal with these up-and-coming artists. Needless to say, they didn’t disappoint.

BØRNS opened with his sunny synth-pop anthem “10, 000 Emerald Pools, ” and immediately had the entire room swaying to his psychedelic falsetto. This musician may have been born in Michigan, but it’s plain to see that his energy is downright cosmic! Over the course of his 45-minute set, he unsurprisingly played all four tracks off his Candy EP, as well as a few brand new songs. One of the standouts was his dreamy rendition of Lesley Gore’s 1965 hit “It’s My Party.” I have a funny feeling I’ll be looking back on this night in years to come, wondering how it was that I got so lucky as to see Garrett Borns perform to a room of 400 people. With addictive melodies, the voice of an angel, and looks to match, one can’t help but feel that they’re watching a legend in the making.

But enough about BORNS! After all, the main event and my real reason for being at the Troubadour was MisterWives, an indie-pop band headed by the infectiously charismatic Mandy Lee and her band of musical ‘mister wives.’ Maybe it’s because this was their first night back on tour after having to cancel three shows due to illness, but they were seriously on fire! Mandy’s stage presence stood out, but it was the band’s comfort level as a whole that I found impressive. With their coordinated dances and fun-loving attitude, it’s clear that they’re truly enjoying themselves on stage, and this definitely rubs off on their audience. Watching them is sort of like hanging with your BFF… if your BFF happens to be ridiculously musical, particularly good-looking and singularly awesome. It’s a little hard to believe that MisterWives was only formed in 2012 and that this is their first-ever headlining tour. Their catchy music is impossible not to like, and had everyone rocking out the entire night. If you’re not careful, MisterWives could very quickly become your crack. Their music is just that energizing, addictive and downright fun! But, as much as I was loving the music, I have to say that my favorite part of their entire show was when Mandy stopped singing, held out her arm to a girl in the front row, and said “pinch me, because I can’t tell if I’m awake or if I’m f***ing dreaming!” It’s cute and candid little moments like these that will endear you to this quirky little band and have you toasting their continued success.

If this night proved anything, it’s that real music is alive and well. If I could leave one last piece of advice, it’s to try and catch this tour as it finishes out its 6-week run on the East Coast. In fact, I have half a mind to drop everything and do the same. I can promise you that it won’t be long before both of these artists make it big. Quick question, is groupie a legitimate profession? No, but actually…


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