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Written By: Guest Blogger Jen Wilson of Modern Ensemble Modern Ensemble: Party Skirt
Photographed By: Taylor Cole

“It seems that I am always sighing about the past, or holding my breath for the future, and forgetting to breathe for today.”

I read this quote the other day on pinterest and it really resonated with me considering where I have been at in my life lately.  I feel like I have had every possible change thrown at me the past few months, some good, some bad, and I think I have been dwelling on the past way too much.  I decided yesterday that I am no longer going to try and go backwards in life, because everything happens for a reason and I can’t change the past.  In that same way, I feel like the control freak inside me is trying to plan out every inch of my future and know what lies ahead even though I obviously have no way of knowing which kills me.  I am going to make more of an effort to just let things go and enjoy the moments that I am currently in and just sit back and try and relax and enjoy today, whatever that may bring.

Also, not to totally switch gears, but I just wanted to mention that I have been really liking the mix of tee shirts with skirts and slip on sneakers.  This little party skirt, as I like to call it has the most fun texture and metallic pieces, not to mention the cutest fringe.  These slip on sneakers are also so comfortable, I literally wore them all over Manhattan Beach last weekend and felt like I was walking around on pillows.  And a total side note, is it just me or has my hair gotten crazy long as of super recently?  I can’t even believe it!  I may be overdue for a little trim or hair switch up so we shall see about that.  xx