Modern Times Beer Now Brewing Coffee in Point Loma

The Hot Spot Brewery Introduced Buzz of a Different Kind

Written By: Amanda Lenox
Photographed By: Bhadri Kubendran  Modern Times Coffee

Most people don’t think of coffee when they go to a brewery, but Modern Times isn’t like most of the breweries in San Diego. Tucked into their Point Loma Fermentorium, imbibers will find a new café where they can indulge in a beverage other than beer.

Modern Times had always planned on creating a year-round coffee stout for the brewery, but the self-proclaimed “coffee nerds” wanted to take it one step further. “[Owner] Jacob McKean went onto Craigslist one day after throwing in the towel on the alarming amount of paperwork that he was slogging through, and just so happened to find a little 5-pound coffee roaster. The price was right, and we were naïve enough to think that we could have a little coffee roasting operation to supply our year-round coffee stout with house roasted coffee,” says Amy Krone, the Director of Coffee.

Fans of Modern Times have been enthusiastic and receptive to the new addition. Krone believes that the audience’s curiosity helped make the transition to coffee so successful. “The super awesome thing about beer folks is that they are generally just really excited about flavors. So even if they aren’t coffee people, they are super down to learn about taste and consider the nuances of coffee,” says Krone.

One of their best sellers is the Black House Blend, which is the same coffee they use in their year-round oatmeal coffee stout, Black House. Krone says that it is “a blend that’s composed of this immensely rich, blueberry forward Ethiopia, which is complimented with a super chocolatey Sumatra.” The blend also works well as both a hot and cold coffee. The Black House Blend’s popularity led Modern Times to canning it in 12 oz. cans last summer.

Locals who are interested in checking out the café at their Point Loma location will find an extensive menu of options to choose from including espresso drinks, a house made horchata cold brew slushie, and a cold brew poured out of a tap tower fashioned from an old school scuba helmet. Modern Times’ experimental “coffee philosophy” allows them the opportunity to continuously create new flavors and drinks for their menu.
As for the future for Modern Times Coffee? Krone says that the company “seems to grow at the speed of light.” Modern Times plans to open up more café locations, one in a facility they are building in Anaheim, and another in Los Angeles. Krone says they will follow in the same experimental nature as the San Diego location, but will likely feature different specialty drinks.

Buzzing Beans: In just the last year Modern Times roasted about 55,000 pounds of coffee.

City Spread: San Diegans can also find Modern Times being served in several locations around the city: Snooze serves the cold brew; Kindred has hot and cold options; and Pigment offers the cold brew cans.

Modern Times
Point Loma Lomaland Fermentorium
3725 Greenwood St
San Diego, CA 92110
Stop By Point Loma and Pick up Some Modern Times Coffee!

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